The Devil's Daughter

The Devil's Daughter

Sylvia Walton returns from Harlem to take over a Jamaican plantation from her vindictive half-sister, amid the growing sound of drums.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:52 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   religion,   occult,  

Sylvia Walton returns from Harlem to take over a Jamaican plantation from her vindictive half-sister, amid the growing sound of drums. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khaled M (jp) wrote: There's American Beauty and there's American Honey, road movie that explores the areas of poverty and unemployment in US. Compelling movie though its only faux was the unnecessary 3-hours period.

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Rikki C (de) wrote: 1 star for donnie yen, 1 star for guan yun chang, 1 star for the story.

Kimberly G (de) wrote: Amazing. Suspenseful. The cast, musical score and location of the film makes a favorite for us. Anthony Hopkins as always being the most memorable actor .Bart the Kodiak bear should've won for best co -star.. Pawco an me give this beary high 5.

Arjun S (br) wrote: Not a patch on the first part....the writer/director tried to make it slick but for some reason it just didn't fit. John Rambo meets James Bond meets i duuno what.Having said all this ..time pass toh hai. Dont go to the Theater for this it on TV as and when it comes.

Lea B (au) wrote: "Veronika Decides to Die" tells the kind of story I love: It teaches you to be who you are in a very honest way and that life is a gift every day. Sounds cheesy, but it is nothing but true and beautifully transmitted in this movie. The cinematography is marvellous and the acting and choice of cast are brillant.

(br) wrote: Oh, boy, strange things can happen when you try to be indie. This move was so wrong in so many ways. Tried too hard and ended up sounding really strange. The cast of young and experienced tried too hard, too.

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: Very Good, Watch it!

Ivn P (gb) wrote: No me acuerdo de haber visto alguna pelcula que me haya movido tanto como Dare Mo Shiranai. Es un increble recorte de la vida misma, tremendamente trgica pero hermosa y graciosa en momentos.

Bob S (us) wrote: Some really fun action sequences. No annoying chracters, and Harrison Ford age not very bothersome.

Gradhito O (de) wrote: a hilarious trio from the start

Carla B (de) wrote: Great movie. Very enjoyable

Steve G (jp) wrote: This is a "whodunit" style murder mystery starring Peter Ustinov as Agatha Christie's famous French detective Hercules Poirot. Ustinov is terrific and the rest of the cast (which includes big names Lauren Bacall, Hayley Mills, Piper Laurie, and Carrie Fisher) is quite good. The plot is laid out nicely and is wrapped up well at the end. The scenery is also interesting as most of the movie takes place in Jerusalem. The only negative for me (and it is a small complaint) is the silly, bouncy tune used when the credits run at the beginning and the end. It didn't fit the tone of the film and would have been more suited for an 80's sitcom like "Bosom Buddies" or "Perfect Strangers".

Sherry L (es) wrote: Tatum O'Neil (Paper Moon, Bad News Bears) plays 15-year old Terry, who is spending her summer on summer camp. She meets 15-year old Angel (played by Kristy McNicol) and there is hate at first sight. Like two alpha males, they dare each other in different challenges for ultimately being elected the leader of the crowd. The girls one day decide to compete who will lose their virginity first. The movie is rather whimsy and girly, and it's most probably aimed at younger girl audiences. I cannot claim that the movie is bad, not just good, but the reason why I choose to rate this 50% instead of 60%, is because I don't like those petty morals about sex this movie radiated. Sure, a girl's virginity is nothing you should dare/bet away, but Angel met a guy she liked very much (played by a very young Matt Dillon). He obviously liked her too very much, so why did the filmmakers decide that the characters could not have sex more then once, because Angel's character "felt it was wrong". Apart from that, her character didn't seem like at catholic school girl...Odd. Keep your eyes open and you'll spot a 14-year old Cynthia Nixon (from Sex & The City, you know), it's here she makes her movie debute as the hippie child "Sunshine".

Justin I (nl) wrote: YEAH! Christopher George plays a sweatpants wearing screaming coach that pushes a track star too far who dies after winning the big race. Soon after members of his track team start getting "offed" via implements of their favorite sports. Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. This baby is HIGHLY recommended. Also, Vanna White is in it who is also Christopher Georges niece. Directed by the great Herb Freed.

Deanne B (ru) wrote: Beautiful scenery, but that can only take a movie so far. It feels way too long and this woman's life is too depressing and tragic. I was angry when I paused and saw there was another 40 minutes left of this movie. If you love artsy movies, you'll love this. If you are casual movie watcher and want to fill a boring afternoon, you will not like it at all.