The Devil's Disciple

The Devil's Disciple

The Devil's Disciple is a 1959 film adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw play of the same title. The Anglo-American film was directed by Guy Hamilton who replaced Alexander Mackendrick and starred Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and Laurence Olivier. Mary Grant designed the film's costumes.

The black sheep of a family (Dick Dudgeon) and the local minister (Anthony Anderson) discover their true vocations during the Revolutionary War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marielle P (nl) wrote: First half was funny, but it didn't hold up unfortunately. Needed more Michael Urie!!!

James K (au) wrote: This movie was unbelievably terrible, yet hilarious. I'm ashamed to say it, but I loved its awful attempts at gross-out humor. So yes, I recommend this. It's free on Netflix. Go watch it.

Susanna N (gb) wrote: really good film, rough and tender at the same time. It's so insightful into our vulnerability even in this digital times ...

Derek B (nl) wrote: Interesting documentary on the 2004 U.S. election process. Gives an unbiased account and contains a wealth of professional commentary from both parties.

Tisa S (jp) wrote: Well crafted, uniquely accounted, but harsh and depressing. If you're just stumbling upon this then check out the official site.

Ashley S (br) wrote: I loved the scratch and sniff card at the theater, and the blue popcorn.

Lacey H (mx) wrote: loved the movie and the soundtrack is the shit

Paul D (mx) wrote: Lacks the thrills of a Johnny Weissmuller, this attempt to humanise the legend through a story of humanising the legend just does not cut it.

Tommy H (es) wrote: A defining role for Paul Newman. I love when he plays this type of character. He's a little more energetic in this movie, but I love when he plays the quiet, stone-faced man who stands in the background like a stage prop, but then when the going gets tough he uses logic over emotion and has a perfect plan. But he's not perfect. Things happen that bring his character down to earth. You think the character is being glorified, but then you find out he really doesn't have a grand plan, and he's just doing what he has to do when the time is right. You just can't help to respect him. People like Sylvester Stallone are parodies of Paul Newman.When I first watched the movie the only scene that I didn't like was the freak out scene when he was digging the ditch. Because you didn't really know what he was up to up to that point and he stayed so cool, and the digging scene was so rushed I was disappointed that he wasn't faking the freak out. They really broke him. Then after him and Dragline made their escape and Dragline was saying he knew Luke had a plan, and you could tell Luke was a hero to him, and Dragline even makes the same complaint about the freak out scene that I just made, but then Luke just casually says he had no plan and he's not the criminal mastermind that Dragline thinks he is. That's the scene where the ego of the film is deflated and the Paul Newman persona was born. Much like Clint Eastwood, but still uniquely his. I still think the ditch digging scene was a little rushed, but it's totally forgiven.

Spencer B (us) wrote: Very cliche, but I'm a sucker for space & the acting makes this movie almost believable.