The Devil's General

The Devil's General

Curt Jurgens stars as a courageous Luftwaffe officer. Jurgens loves the service, even though he barely tolerates the Hitler regime. Sickened by wartime Nazi atrocities, Jurgens renounces his government, and is imprisoned and tortured as a result. Once released, the general takes pity on a downtrodden Jewish family. This isolated act of kindness is a point in his favor when Jurgens stands before Satan himself for his final judgment. The Devil's General was based on an immensely successful postwar play by German author Carl Zuckmeyer.

1941, the Third Reich seems to be winning the war. Luftwaffe (air force) general Harry Harras enjoys the good life as highly respected technician and Berlin ministry/ HQ official. However ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt R (ag) wrote: steady, dependable viewing...

Lee B (jp) wrote: I put off watchimg this for a long time...just didnt interest friends kept telling me it was really good....finally watched it and i liked it alot

MasrinaBee T (nl) wrote: I just love ARJUN RAMPAL! LOL!

neil L (us) wrote: Pretty good submarine movie.

serina k (es) wrote: I don't think I have ever seen a film like it! A bit strange would not do it justice, its way out there. A funny and strange movie if ever ive seen one, not sure everyone will get it, it a cult type of movie!

Martin T (mx) wrote: A murder victim in New Orleans turns out have a form of plague, and it's up to a doctor and the police chief to find the guilty party and stop an epidemic. Richard Widmark and Paul Douglas are both wonderful as the doctor and cop, respectively, setting up the classic hate-each-other-then-earn-other's-respect dynamic. The other performances are just as winning: Barbara Bel Geddes as Widmark's wife, Jack Palance as the intimidating, animalistic murderer, and Zero Mostel as his toadying henchman (plus a host of non-professionals who Kazan directs very well). As is often the case with these movies, watching the bad guys is a lot more enjoyable than watching the good guys, and its those segments that are the most noir-ish. But the manhunt scenes are quite compelling as well, and the film as a whole really holds up. Fantastic chase scene at the end, with a number of memorable shots along the way. I can't think of anything negative that stands out, except that I wish there was a little more Palance in it.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: This wasn't exactly what I was expecting it to be. Sure, I knew the basic premise of the story, but I thought Walter Huston as the devil would be in the film more. Anyway, it's a good movie, nice cast, and I loved the finale. A great score from Bernard Hermann and some nice sets. Edward Arnold was fun as Daniel Webster.

Sam M (us) wrote: Clint Eastwood hard as ever, but also humorous.