The Devil's Mill

The Devil's Mill

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:21 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fairy tale,  

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The Devil's Mill torrent reviews

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Edward K (br) wrote: this was pretty good and funny

Qi Z (ru) wrote: Life and love through the eyes of a hyper intellect young man. Very funny and witty.It is directed by the Italian Roberto Faezan. With a distinct non-American feel to the story line, this movie is not well received but I like it very much. I see the doings of other in the eyes of James, critical of others' "silliness" and "shallowness". Mother being a arty New Age sentimentalist, father being a shallow capitalist with common vanity, and "Mr. Roger" being all folksy earnest regret -- all reasonable courses for being critical. But our young man, played by the epicene Toby Regbo, learned his lesson of how to love others in the terms of their own world.

Dennis L (gb) wrote: Love Pearl Jam. They can do no wrong.

Justin C (us) wrote: My Favorite Movie. I absolutely love this movie, there is nothing bad about it. I first saw it a few months ago at the Dryden theatre. It was fantastic, then I found it was not released in the US. The serch begain. Now I know every ductile by heart.If you don't know the plot already, look it up. Its the best music: 60s Rock and Roll. Even thigh it's in Russian, u don't notice. Every musical number makes you wanna dance and sing along. Whatever you do, see this movie!!!!!!

Sergio M (nl) wrote: i have to admit that the story manages to somehow keep your attention, but i'm not sure how it does it. there are rather unnecessary subjective shots when they travel that are incredibly long, and are of no use at all (apart from trying your patience). i'm glad i watched it, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Paul N (us) wrote: Malkovich was as hammy as ever, and Defoe was unrecognisable. I just found it average, but impressively short. I'm sure cineasts would get more out of it.

Michelle L (gb) wrote: To expose myself to more German, I rented what I thought was a more mainstream film, and this totally surprised me -- funny characters, good story and kung fu. Worth watching for the kebab commercials alone.

Paul D (mx) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ~?

Calum B (nl) wrote: NATALIE WOOD has probably never been more appealing than she is as a young Italian girl facing the problem of unwed motherhood after a brief affair with a man of equally modest means, STEVE McQUEEN. The simple story revolves around the situation of a girl whose pregnancy prompts her boyfriend to suggest an abortion because he's unwilling to commit himself to a relationship.It being the 1960s, the issues are played and discussed in the context of the time which may make the film seem dated now. But it's played with such charm by the two leads and given such a gritty, believable New York City background flavor that the result is a romantic comedy/drama that should appeal to any discriminating movie fan.Although there are some good supporting roles, notably EDIE ADAMS as a showgirl friend, director Robert Mulligan keeps the focus on Natalie and Steve and they're so strong that they make us feel it's a two-character film deserving of all their attention.Natalie's Academy Award nomination was well deserved. She's as sensitive and appealing as ever and McQueen makes an excellent co-star.

Mike W (gb) wrote: Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan kick ass in this film!