The Devil's Tomb

The Devil's Tomb

Captain Mack leads an elite military unit on a search for a missing scientist, and comes face-to-face with an an ancient evil lying beneath the Middle Eastern desert. Evil that is not of this world. Evil that should never be unearthed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   battle,  

An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Devil's Tomb torrent reviews

Kristina D (ru) wrote: different.. it was aight for a really cheesy movie

Troy K (it) wrote: Worse than the first one. Actually, this should be called 1.5 instead of 2. There is only about 30 minutes of new material. The rest is repeated from the first one.

Jack G (au) wrote: This is what Troma wants to do, if they had more money and better talent. It's fast paced, disgusting, joke-a-second stuff, completely irreverent and with so many visual gags that you almost forget about the really sharp script and dialog. Sure, some of the jokes fall flat, but so many connect and explode that you can't help but love it. At least I did. Some may find it totally tasteless. To you, I say, whatever, move along. For those who like seeing Alex Winter as a douchebag in weird green make-up and Keanu Reeves as a hispanic dog boy (yes, that's him), not to mention, oh, Bobcat Goldthwait as a human-Sock, Mr. T as a bearded lady, and other things like Deep Roy, you have to make it a priority in your life.

Adam A (es) wrote: Though its reenacting is questionable, there is no doubt that this is one great and well put together "Escape From Alcatraz".

Roy C (ca) wrote: So cheesy one should eat cheese popcorn while watching it. Begins poorly, but fun by the end.

Joseph A (kr) wrote: An interesting version, but not an instant favorite. It felt very rushed, so much so that I didn't feel that I knew the characters enough to care about their choices.

Otto T (gb) wrote: RECOMMEND!!Creepy Colonial era Warlock gets set free in modern day (1991) USA by using Satanic time warping powers, hot on his heels is a badass normal out for revenge. A creepy and amusingly cheesy film with the refreshing/disappointing problem of not having a monstrous reveal as the poster might suggest.Who knew that wicked witchcraft could be interesting and suspenseful when there isn't a million chained together jump-scares and found footage ? Oh me, that's who >.>

Ian B (ru) wrote: A Great Film in the Early Years Depicting the Rescue of Over 350, 000 French, British, and Belgian Soldiers..."Operation Dynamo" Was A Miracle by All Those Who saved the Many....and Especailly to Trish's Dad Who Was There and Rescued....Such Was the Brave...!!!

Ryan H (au) wrote: I found this strange... a good story about Nazi-spies in New York and a cast including Bogart and Peter Lorre... but then there were all these parts that tried to be funny (and maybe they were... then)... but it doesn't hold up now and everything seems confused and too silly to be as realistic as it could have been...

George R (ca) wrote: I knew it was going to be stupid, but I caught it on TV since there wasn't anything else to watch. It's highly inappropriate even by PG-13 standards.

Alex S (au) wrote: A classic spoof to old Hollywood horror films from Mel Brooks, similar to what his Blazing Saddles was to westerns.