The Devil Thumbs a Ride

The Devil Thumbs a Ride

Steve Morgan kills a man in a holdup and hitches a ride to Los Angeles with Fergie. At a gas station, they pick up two women. Encountering a roadblock, Morgan takes over and persuades the party to spend the night at an unoccupied beach house. The police close in as one by one, the others learn that Morgan is a killer.

Law-abiding Jimmy Ferguson soon regrets giving a ride to killer Steve Morgan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (ag) wrote: One line summary: Teen murder elimination derby; better than some, worse than most.------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Charon High School:' now there is a great start, Charon being the oarsman on the boat that crosses the rivers Styx and Acheron separating the living world from the underworld. The film is a murder elimination derby, so nice telegraphing. Twenty-something actors playing teen characters in high school gather for a field trip. Heather is pregnant by a not ready for fatherhood boy. Jesse's being treated badly by her father. Various bullying pairs are present. One of the girls is deaf. All the idiots on the bus have not completed a paper about the Industrial Revolution for one of their classes. The teacher makes everything clear: do the field trip without nonsense, then pass the class. Otherwise, fail. Mr. Steele gives the first lecture at a location filled with memorabilia from the 19th century part of the Industrial Revolution. He emphasizes the dangers of the iron horse. One of the kids sees a figure by the road on the way there. Mr. Steele later identifies him as Railroad Jack, who is a reaper of sorts. If one has seen him, then he has eyes on you, and so on. On the way back, the trouble starts. The bus crashes. The f word is issued liberally. The cell phone coverage fails. The teacher is gone. The bus driver is gone. Then the kids see the 'carnival.' Sure. The kid who warns about the man she kept seeing on the way is laughed down. They find no one, they find no telephone that works. Are these clues? They get a number of the attractions to operate, and have fun for a while, but then the fun ends. Will any of these deserving teens survive?-----Scores-----Cinematography: 4/10 Camera shake, washed out appearance. Seems to be only VHS quality in sunlight as well.Sound: 7/10 I could make out the spoken words. The incidental music was not the best.Acting: 4/10 All the actors portraying teens gave poor performances. Why not hire absolute amateurs of the correct age and get better performances? Tony Todd was great as usual; that's what the +4 is for.Screenplay: 4/10 Teen murder elimination derby; better than some, worse than most.SFX: 0/10 Horrible.

Michelle P (mx) wrote: Watchable, and fun. Feels more like the pilot to a television series than a movie.

Hunter C (es) wrote: Great story about two boys who make a homemade rambo movie. The middle gets quite slow but the ending makes it all worth it. Will Poulter is great in this movie

Dylan D (us) wrote: Nice french thriller. Ending unexpected, even though they could have made it with a bit more suspense and push the unknown farther.

Alex B (nl) wrote: " Will you survive me? "

Red L (ca) wrote: I didn't like it. I tried watching it but it just did not flow and even the weather channel was more interesting.

Walter M (mx) wrote: As narrated by a fish with its head on the chopping block, "Maelstrom" starts with Bibi(Marie-Josee Croze) having an abortion. Afterwards, her best friend Claire(Stephanie Morgenstern) cares for her while she prays at the porcelain temple. Bibi's work life is not that much better as the Montreal boutique she owns with her partner Philippe(Bobby Beshro) has been having its share of thefts, causing them to hire security guards. That's not to mention the large amount of money she owes. And if you think she is having a bad day, imagine that of the guy(Klimbo) she hits with her car on the way home from a bar. A short time ago, I mentioned that "Rubber" was the oddest movie I had seen in quite a while. That probably has something to do with the lack of Canadian movies I have seen lately. Because "Maelstrom" has it all, including occasional intertitles, a diverse musical score that leans Scandinavian, and a complex chronal storyline which adds perspective. All of which is not as heavy as it sounds. At first, I was prepared to connect Denis Villeneuve's more recent feature "Incendies" to "Maelstrom" through a common theme of how all life is sacred. However, the truth could not be any more different, as the movie is edgily profound in how it states we are all part of the same cycle of life and death, so relax. Notice for example, how matter of factly the abortion scene is filmed, without any judgment, no less. That fits in well with the movie's intelligent thoughts on guilt and forgiveness, as Bibi has a hard time getting completely clean.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Well, this was quite the film, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since it's an Andy Warhol film titled Flesh. Joe Dallesandro is naked most of the time in this film playing a hustler who spends time having sex and raising money for his wife. But this movie isn't really about the plot, it's about the vision of Warhold and Morrisey. Unfortunately, the vision is all over the place. The film opens with Joe sleeping naked for a few minutes. Also, the film has an editing style that makes a sort of beeping noise and it cuts a lot of times in the middle of a conversation; it gets a bit annoying but you get used to it. But anyway, this film is oddly interesting. For instance, there's a scene where Joe is on the sidewalk talking with new hustlers trying to show them the ropes. Like most of the scenes, it's long, but it's weird because it's probably the actor Joe describing his own life. So, it's a different film, and I'm certainly gonna try watching the other two parts of the this trilogy.

Jonathan S (us) wrote: Sort of a pseudo-Godzilla from Great Britain that's probably better made than most Godzilla movies but somewhat less enjoyable, however I can't say it's a complete waste of time.

Jamie I (jp) wrote: Widower Dan Burns (Steve Carell) gives advice to parents about their teenagers. The only problem is he doesn't know the first thing about handling his own teenage daughters. A family vacation brings Dan head over heels in love with Marie (Juliette Binoche), a girl he meets at the book store. There's just one problem, Marie is Dan's brother's girlfriend. Over the weekend naturally everyone falls in love with Marie. The family is so happy Mitch has finally found a good woman. I really think you feel Dan's pain as he stands right next to Marie not being able to be with her. Look for my two favorite scenes, the stone skipping scene and clubbing with Dan & Mitch. I won't spoil this for you but I will say I got a little misty at the end. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan In Real Life.

Kerry H (br) wrote: Great movie on how to fix the USA. We are great at having a huge military, but not much else.