The Dick Knost Show

The Dick Knost Show

The Dick Knost Show is a comedic, character based story that satirizes sportstalk culture. Dick, 43, prickly, acerbic sportstalk host battles hard to hold his job. His chair. His mic. His ...

The Dick Knost Show is a comedic, character based story that satirizes sportstalk culture. Dick, 43, prickly, acerbic sportstalk host battles hard to hold his job. His chair. His mic. His ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna L (br) wrote: Really sad movie and it's such a shame that it's a true story :(

Rob R (kr) wrote: I downloaded fucking itunes in order to watch this - which should demonstrate my keeness to watch this (so far) otherwise unavailable film. Which probably betrays a slight bias in my adjudication - I mean it's about a reasonably obscure band I happen to really like - as if I'm going to criticise a 90min film about them?It got me thinking about what other bands I'd be excited to watch a 90min documentary about (and be left wanting more). My generic answer to favourite band would be Sonic Youth but I'm not sure I'd be enticed to an in depth investigation into them*. And I type that whilst listening to the 4LP box set of Daydream Nation. I've been listening to a lot of drone and/or noise lately and again, penetrating the inner workings of that, not bothered.Unlike my other favourite rockumentary, that Wilco one, I have to say if you don't like or even don't know anything about The Magnetic Fields' music I can't really see how you'll get much out of this, it's a fan's film. There's not a lot of art to the documentary, I humbly and (above all) ignorantly suggest, just a great documentation of some great music and a loveable eccentric.Oh and Sarah Silverman's in it briefly. Fucking ching.Not a very optimistic ending though, with Stephin out in LA. Not least cause halfway through it reminded me that he used to do a regular DJ night in New York which made me think I have to go see him when we go to NY at the end of the month. But in the real world we know they've released an album after this film, so hopefully they'll carry on as is.* though I have seen (and thoroughly enjoyed) The Year That Punk Broke and the South Bank Show on John Zorn/SY

Billy R (de) wrote: great film, alot better than the remake longest yard, sticks to its british youth

AndrClaude L (gb) wrote: I surprisingly liked it, it's different from the other Tarentino films, but it has it's own reasons to be good. Mostly, it's the characters that make it a winner.

Leon B (br) wrote: A very intense, edge-of-your-seat thriller that makes an impact on victims that are helpless in every situation. Two smashing actors, the director picked the right cast.

Private U (ru) wrote: I love this movie. definitely one of the best indie films ever made. Malkovich is ace.

Blais E (mx) wrote: A surprisingly thoughtful and low-key horror offering from Freddy Krueger's dad, Wes Craven, high on characterization and disturbing visuals, but low on the gore quota. A young widow (The beautiful Maren Jensen from TV's original "Battlestar Galactica") struggles to get along with her dead husband's family and community, an intolerant Amish-like sect called the Hittites (Led by a menacing Ernest Borgnine-) who not only do not accept her but harass her unceasingly. A couple of her old girflfriends (One being a young Sharon Stone in a very early film appearance-) come to stay with her to keep her company and become the targets of the strange and increasingly frightening events themselves. Soon, several of the characters turn up dead---who or WHAT is responsible? A spooky, and rarely-seen little terror-gem replete with memorably-eerie set-pieces (The fat, juicy spider-dropping-into-Sharon Stone's-mouth-scene is unforgettable-), attractive scenery and lush cinematography, and superb acting, especially by Lois Nettleton in a great, going-totally bonkers role. An interesting departure from Craven's usual fare.

Hanna K (de) wrote: Maybe the most crappiest films of all the time (or just not entertaining in any terms or funny) . Shares the same scenery with Clockwork Orange which I don't like either. I just find this hard to watch and didn't in the end.

Claire T (ru) wrote: loved it, it was kinda different to the remake in 1998 but it was very good, want it on DVD, it starred Richard Attenborough, it was a great film, It starred Rex Harrison as Dr. John Dolittle

Devon W (jp) wrote: Weaaaaaaaaaak. "psychological thriller"? hardly. Some great acting, effects and settings, but the story was just, ugh, bland in my opinion.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: A fantastic moving film that packs a hard punch in places, An amazing true story, Gerard Butler puts in his best performance to date, Really got me gripped from start to finish, Don't let the title fool you, Ok there were the odd good shootouts and explosions but it's more drama that is a brilliant watch.

William R (jp) wrote: Just saw this today. It was an amazing movie. Hope it wins the Oscar. It really captured India in its truest form. Two thumbs up!!!