The Disorderly Orderly

The Disorderly Orderly

The Disorderly Orderly is a 1964 American comedy film released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Jerry Lewis. The film was produced by Paul Jones with a screenplay by director Frank Tashlin, based on a story by Norm Liebermann and Ed Haas.

When he flunks out of med school, Jerome Littlefield goes to work as an orderly in a private rest home where he wreaks havoc for everyone concerned. Dr. Jean Howard is the exasperated head ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam W (ca) wrote: If somebody had ever told me "lets watch an action extravaganza film with explosions, guns and testosterone." I would say who's in it?Schwarzenegger?Stallone?No a little girl.Honestly it's a little girl playing the hero!Shocking..

Jiana W (ag) wrote: I only really rented it because of Michael C. Hall, whom I love in "Dexter". But this movie is as aimless as the main protagonist. I really had no idea where it was going and the ending felt incomplete and forced. Like they knew they spent an hour-and-a-half building up to what is supposed to be a breakthrough time for Morris but they didn't know what to do with it, so it ends with little more than a dull thud as it fails to really make any kind of meaningful statement. Skip it.

RE E (jp) wrote: A bio pic/combine with fiction to tell the true story of St. Josemaria, the Spaniard Priest founder of Opus Dei. The film is promotion for the prelature (the group) but has some nice moments. The actor who plays Jose Maria Escriva is engaging. The film has problems, cheap sets, BAD dialogue, bad editing. Heavy handed at times. If no one told you they murdered lots of Priests and Catholics during the Spanish Civil war, you may wish to see this. A topic that is rarely talked about.

Dammy G (gb) wrote: A movie starring Eddie Murphy that's a lot less bad than some of his other work.

Sabrina M (mx) wrote: I thought this movie to be very thought provoking especially during these times where most are faced with financial difficulties and the loss of a job. It really speaks true to ones agonizing and heart wrenching circumstances while evidentally pulling you towards the necessitous need of support from friends and family to see you through tough times. I enjoyed this movie and its personal discovery evoked by its characters. Javier Bardem was great.

Alexandre B (ca) wrote: Un film qui commence tres bien avec une belle galerie de personnages. Mais la fin est baclee et gache la bonne impression generale.

Omar L (ag) wrote: What is the definitive fireman's movie is unfortunately bundled with cliched characters, an overly melodramatic score by Hans Zimmer, and a terrible performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh. To say there was no chemistry at all between her and William Baldwin is to say that there was no chemistry between a dull wooden baton and a breath of stale air. Fortunately, there were decent performances by Donald Sutherland (seriously, when has he NOT appeared psychotic?) and Robert DeNiro, with an arson story that is the most interesting part of the movie. It's so interesting that whenever the story goes away from it to an unconvincing love story or a marriage on the rocks, the movie stops dead in its tracks. What keeps this movie from being a total loss is the amazing practical effects with fire, and those sequences are amazing to watch.

Vincent P (fr) wrote: A total acid trip of a movie. Manages to pull off some really sweet scenes though. Tell me Lupita and Billy the Poor Little Rich Boy don't some-crazy-how tug at your heartstrings.

Gabe S (gb) wrote: That movie showed that if I had to watch a dance movie I would pick to watch step up and I hated all the step up series.

Olly H (jp) wrote: gut durchdachter horrorfilm der auch nach solanger zeit immer wieder spass macht