The Divine Nymph

The Divine Nymph

In the decadent Roaring Twenties, a beautiful woman engages in affairs with two men, playing them against each other.

A beautiful woman (Laura Antonelli) engages in affairs with two men, playing them against each other. Set in the decadent Roaring Twenties, the triangle dissolves against suicide and fascism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dante B (jp) wrote: walks you through the reality of the cold and superficial beauty market... worth watching

Sorin H (us) wrote: Goal & moart. Nimic pervers. Oleac trist, foarte poetic ( (R)n sensul bun al cuvntului). Mda...

Jordan J (us) wrote: It's just a good movie and that's all I have to say. I can't really review this movie because all I can say is that it's good.

Christine H (ru) wrote: An honest and fun look at yoga through Western eyes.

James O (ru) wrote: Not a happy film but you've gotta be happy with Timothy Spall in this film. He plays such a difficult role. Hard to pitch how the character should be played but he nails it. The best scene is when he has to hang his old friend. An emotionally brutal but important film.

Daisy M (it) wrote: i'm so glad i watched this. beautiful and creepy! sigourney weaver was fantastic.

Scott C (au) wrote: Something about this movie makes me want to see it again

Faley A (fr) wrote: erotic, but good yet..

Martin T (kr) wrote: The last ten minutes are somewhat enjoyable in that "so bad it's good" way, but the rest of it is just bad. Dumb story with gigantic plotholes, nonsense "science" that makes contemporary abominations like The Core look plausible, pathetic special effects (even for its time), limp acting, stock characters, and lousy sets. Also, a lot of it is ripped off (poorly) from Forbidden Planet. Kind of fun, but only because it's not long enough to get unbearable.

Armando P (gb) wrote: Not the average 90's teen comedy.

Brandon M (au) wrote: Oh Yeah!!! bloody good movie.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: poor sci fi film where a physicist thinks his dead father found the key to time travel

Robert P (ca) wrote: Ray Haryhausen, need I say more