The Dog, the General, and the Birds

The Dog, the General, and the Birds

A long time ago, a young Russian general chose to sacrifice hundreds of birds to burn Moscow and save his motherland from the troops of Napoleon. For this feat, he was hailed as a hero by the people of Russia but regarded an executioner by the winged creatures. Now fifty years older the aging general leads a drab life. To make matters worse, the descendants of the sacrificed birds keep attacking him. One day however a meets an engaging little dog who soon becomes his faithful companion. Both friends decide to break the curse plaguing the general's life : they start militating for all the caged birds of Russia to be set free.

A long time ago, a young Russian general chose to sacrifice hundreds of birds to burn Moscow and save his motherland from the troops of Napoleon. For this feat, he was hailed as a hero by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc B (gb) wrote: Af en toe zie je een film die je nooit meer zal vergeten. Dit is er zo n. Prachtig gefilmd, fenomenaal acteer/improviseerwerk en vrselijk ongemakkelijk. Enige minpuntje: hij had ietsje strakker gemonteerd mogen worden. Ik wil meer films zien van Ulrich Seidl!

Harold S (ru) wrote: Went into this with high expectations and I was very disappointed. Quite dull and boring

Teresa S (br) wrote: (2000 Director: Rob ert Townsend)

Petros T (mx) wrote: "Bean" is a masterclass in awkwardly slapstick filmmaking. The titular character bumps from one hilariously embarrassing situation to another in a film that has its fair share of memorable, iconic even, moments. Atkinson is reliable in bringing Bean to the big screen for the first time and is aided by the enjoyable Peter MacNicol. But above all, the makers seem committed to delivering painful, no-holds-barred, surrealistic daftness, and they succeed.

Cole M (ca) wrote: A decent noir film set in L.A.

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Anna B (it) wrote: Of course, what was progressive then is now mundane, but its mundanity is kind of what makes it progressive even today; no histrionics or forced drama, just people loving who they love, and mourning when that love is taken away and then moving on with their lives. It's very rare in fiction (with good reason; only the surest of hands can make it work) so it's nice to see it happen every so often.

Connor G (ag) wrote: A wickedly slow pace, but James Cagney still managed to carry the movie. And the climactic battle was quite impressive.

Barney o (br) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: There's no doubt that Titanic is a properly classic Hollywood blockbuster - another film made by James Cameron because it's what he wanted, and what he wanted alone. Was his vision a good one here? Well its boldness is enough to truly transcend genre, and that statement alone will often slap a smile on the face. Beneath that gargantuan size though, it does equally pack some charm which mostly comes from the talent of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who both somehow push past the silliness and put their own occasionally believable stamp on these roles.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Let's be honest here, it is rather dumb, and its length is an awful long time to sit through something that just kind of makes you smile without really investing or moving you along.VERDICT: A bold, classic vision that's just a little bit stupid - 'Titanic' will make you smile, but not for three and a bit hours.

Lana I (nl) wrote: Before you accept that my rating is valid, please note: this movie is horrific! It is awful! BUT. It is so utterly ridiculously horrid that it has become something of legends. An English movie dubbed back into English? Ferrigno's jiggling man-boobs? It's painful to watch, and yet astoundingly amazing.

Shawn W (es) wrote: Details the goings on of the counsellors on the final day of a kids summer camp in Maine. Contains every clich from the summer camp movies of the 1970's and 80's (on purpose I'm sure). Loaded cast. Decent film that has its moments but won't make me forget Meatballs II anytime soon.