The Down-in-the-Hole Gang

The Down-in-the-Hole Gang

Here we find a group of misfits who've given up on humanity and have decided to dwell below the pavement. The group has its own hierarchy, of course, and soon the conditions that drove them underground begin to manifest themselves without the influences of the Outside World.

Here we find a group of misfits who've given up on humanity and have decided to dwell below the pavement. The group has its own hierarchy, of course, and soon the conditions that drove them underground begin to manifest themselves without the influences of the Outside World. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane J (it) wrote: A film with such bad acting I think I could have got a role if I turned up for auditions with no acting experience. Snazzy visuals from the director to try and make the film feel more expensive I guess but makes it come across more amateur. The fight scenes are poorly done,even worse shaky cam than usual. A film like this lives and dies on its villain and The main villain I've seen him actually be decent in other films but he's totally miscast here.

Tim W (mx) wrote: Wow, took the first one and really twisted it around. Not as good, but still pretty creepy. I didn't realize it would be a continuation. It starts off much like the first one did, but then it took a huge left turn, which I did not like. Seriously, possession? It lacked the chemistry and fear and unknowing and mystery of the first one and made this a pretty lame sequel. I had a hard time taking it seriously. Points for a huge twist and points for trying, but this movie was not necessary to make or watch. I kind of liked the ending but it didn't come as a surprise to me.

Alenor L (ca) wrote: Non of the characters are likable, the ending is predictableBut some how, it's still kinna not that bad

Vadim D (kr) wrote: As much as I enjoy historical films, especially when they are set in LA, and especially when they involve the entertainment industry, this film doesn't have much story to examine here and is a stretch by any means

Berni E (gb) wrote: Gorgeous film - highly recommended. And if you hire it, be sure to watch the extras too.

Mark S (es) wrote: Very good modern film noir with a classic femme fatale. Highly recommended.

Naische F (gb) wrote: Just perfect ! A super character study and an actor's dream performance! We are in Singapore in a time before it became modernized with skyscrapers and shopping malls and introduced to Jack Flowers (Ben Gazzara) who makes his living as a pimp. He meets a Brit played with much warmth by Denholm Elliot who at first seems to be his opposite. Over the course of the film, the two form a bond and friendship and somehow can understand their motives and lives that they've chosen through their ethics and code. We also see the evolution of Gazzara's business and its demise following some competition with the locals' turf. Peter Bogdanovich plays a right-wing American CIA man who helps Gazzara out and enlists him to perform a dirty blackmail mission for the US Government (to catch a very buff George Lazenby, yes that Aussie Bond actor, as a US Senator in the act concerning some local illegal leisure activity).There are vintage 'Bond' moments but not for the kids with many great turns, dialogue and faces! It was nice to see Joss Ackland (that head-villain from 'Leathal Weapon 2'). One of my personal favourites with sincere performances from the entire cast!

Javier R (de) wrote: Wonderful Goldie Hawn

Jennifer H (ca) wrote: Terrible movie. Terrible, terrible, terrible movie. Don't get me wrong, maybe if you and your friends were high off of Dr. Pepper, Oreos, and Puffy-Twisted Cheetos, then maybe this movie would offer some good laughs. But the laughs are brought out not because the movie provides hilarious conflicts and comedic characters. You'd be laughing at them, not with them, and there is only so much laughter for mockery until your mind works out the logic of how utterly moronic and pointless this movie can be and your tears of laughter become tears of pain and grief. Pain for the crew who made this movie. The pain knowing they had to come everyday just to work on a film with complete foresight that their hard work was in vain. Grief for the audience that saw this movie when it was released. I cant understand how any generation wants to be painted like this. Dancing on the beach... all day, dancing at the club... all night, kissing your guy/gal while free falling with a parachute, having an endless amount of finances... with no job BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO BUSY DANCING ON THE BEACH. How in the world did Frankie and Annette make so many of these films?By the way, I don't believe Bonnie was flirting with Frankie just to get Steve's attention. If that were so she would have been eying Steve to see if he was jealous which he ALWAYS WAS and she never eyed him. She only had eyes for Frankie who had eyes for Sugar but somehow he ends the movie with Annette. Probably because she's paid bigger bucks by the Disney Corporation.

Aaron B (gb) wrote: ava and grace and clark in this update to the steamy classic red dust

Tanner B (fr) wrote: Annie Hall (1977) ???? D: Woody Allen. Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Paul Simon, Carol Kane, Janet Margolin. Brilliant, laugh-a-second comedy seems more potent (and quirky) as ever. Nervous New York comedian Allen falls in love with ditzy Keaton, and the rest is a roller coaster ride of a relationship. Woody's greatest achievement is a genuine American classic, as hilarious and just as moving as anything Chaplin has made, with two razzle-dazzle performances and witty, crackling dialogue to spare. Balcony scene with subtitles detailing sexual impressions is perhaps the funniest moment in movie history. Four Oscars: Picture, Actress, Director, Script.

Nicki M (fr) wrote: Interesting film about horrible people. Was it just me who kept thinking "Justin Bieber" when Benji was in full brat mode? I think I need to watch this again sometime. It's a lot - a lot of characters, a lot of situations. Pretty f'd up, honestly. I think I liked it. Not entirely sure as the people are just so awful. Lol. Original and ambitious movie.

Erin D (fr) wrote: Well, at least they had a legitamate reason to carry the camera around now! LOL, the ending was so bad.