The Dread

The Dread

A young woman becomes filled with a horrible dread when she discovers that her brother may actually be something other than he appears.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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A young woman becomes filled with a horrible dread when she discovers that her brother may actually be something other than he appears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Dread torrent reviews

Io K (br) wrote: Pretty good for a prison movie...didn't expect much but it was more exciting than I thought it would be. Storyline was alright

Enrique S F (jp) wrote: Spielberg knows handle perfectly the action and drama in this great film. A beautiful story with many characters well developed thanks to the great direction of Spielberg, is not his best film, but it is without doubt an incredible film.Review en Espaol:Spielberg sabe manejar perfectamente la accin y el drama en esta gran pelcula. Una bella historia con muchos personajes bien desarrollados gracias a la estupenda direccin de Spielberg, no es su mejor pelcula, pero es sin duda alguna una increble pelcula.

Dillon Y (fr) wrote: this film is widely misunderstood i guess it just wasn't generic enough for the mainstream media perhaps if tom cruise brought some of his famous bad acting to the table this movie would appeal to the dull society we live in

hannah b (br) wrote: WHAT MOVIE DID YOU GUYS WATCH?Reading the reviews I'm flabbergasted..shocked..incredulous. Did you all not watch the same movie I just did (again, loving it just as much as I did 5 years ago)?TIGHT comedy script, just fantastic escalation of plot, emotional investment - every single plot line as crazy as it is, is totally JUSTIFIED within the movie - not an easy task considering the crazy plot lines that it takes us through...I mean I was seriously IMPRESSED with this movie & script and I laughed all the way through it. I am a 30-something intelligent woman, by the way..but comedy is comedy people. And high quality is high quality. For what is it, this movie is freaking brilliant!

Frank L (nl) wrote: French black magic ...horror movie..better than expected but still not the synopsis ...its worth a look

Rasheed T (us) wrote: Blade's awesomeness is what made the movie great! Kick-ass battles all the way! A few flaws but still awesome!

Robert W (gb) wrote: I am originally from Michigan and I really like Jeff Daniels. I have also gone deer hunting in Michigan (although not in the UP). I could connect with this film on a lot of levels. I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, bittersweet, clever, and a testament to families and how families can be really crazy sometimes. Oh, and guns and alcohol are a scary combination.

Keith H (us) wrote: Rent it ( if you can find it ) very good film

John O (de) wrote: Hungarian film noir.Yes, it's about damnation, carrying hell about day to day."And all stories end badly, because they are always stories of disintegration. The heroes always disintegrate and they disintegrate in the same way. Because if they didn't disintegrate, it would be resurrection not disintegration. And I'm talking about disintegration. Eternal and irrevocable disintegration by the way."

Bryan G (es) wrote: I'm a huge fan of exploitation films, which is a fancy way of saying trashy cinema. The 1970's was pretty much the golden era for these sorts of films, and a lot of them have ranked among my favorite films of all time. I tend to like exploitation films that have strong female leads, like Switchblade Sisters (which I reviewed a few weeks back). Now when it comes to memorable female leads from this era, Pam Grier always comes to mind as being the stand out from the pack. But I felt an urge to give another actress' films a chance, which is why I selected Cleopatra Jones off of Netflix the other week. Tamara Dobson portrays the title character of Cleopatra Jones, who is a secret government agent and international spy, or something like that. There is something likable about Dobson as an actor, but she just doesn't bring Cleopatra Jones to life enough for the character to truly stand out. She talked loud, could take on anyone and could handle just about any dangerous task without getting scratched. But the character felt false to me, and too larger than life to believe and too silly to enjoy on screen. The movie also suffers from very poor pacing, and a lack of focus in the story. There are far too many characters in Cleopatra Jones, most of which go in and out of the story so much you begin to forget who they are when they pop back up later on in the film. And because of me losing track of who was who, I also began to lose track of what exactly was going on in the film. There are two saving graces to Cleopatra Jones. J.J. Johnson's score was particularly great, especially during the fight sequences (which were noticeably choreographed, and highly unsatisfying to watch). And then there was the ever wonderful Shelly Winters, who I have to wonder how the hell ended up in a film like this, as the movie's main villain Mommy. Maybe it was seeing her in a role that was so different from what I'm accustomed to seeing her in that made her presence in this film so memorable. The problem with most exploitation films is that most of them rely on their larger than life character(s) to carry the film. Sometimes it works, like in the cast of Shaft or Foxy Brown. But sometimes, the character just isn't crafted well, or just isn't interesting enough to make you forget how lackluster the story is, like in the case of Cleopatra Jones.

garrett s (fr) wrote: Fun bond movie but I didn't understand the villains plot

Dan W (mx) wrote: Roku box strong recommendation. Tight story, great cinematography of New Mexico landscapes, and that 70's feeling. Joe Don Baker is so nasty here!

Matt M (ru) wrote: Set in a futuristic world, the title character is some sort of a courier who uses his mind to carry information. This is his last job before he retires and he has 48 hours to carry some vital information that some cyber samurais don't want him to deliver. The film is bogus. The special effects too seem cheesy and the performance by Keanu Reeves is awkward.