The Dream Team

The Dream Team

This morning they were playing ping-pong in the hospital rec room. Now they're lost in New York and framed for murder. This was never covered in group therapy.

Psychiatrist Dr. Weitzman (Dennis Boutsikaris) takes four mental patients on an outing to Yankee Stadium. On the way, they get stranded in New York City after their chaperone is hospitalized and they're being pursued by criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan W (us) wrote: A very accomplished debut by director, Sydney Sibilia, with a stylish and slick look and colour palette so intense and surreal at times, perhaps highlighting the slightly fairy-tale/surrealist nature of the story - but apparently according to the Q&A is based on real life characters. Since comparison with Breaking Bad will be inevitable, we might as well embrace it and say this is basically a more comedic and more (socially) satirical version of Breaking Bad: season 1-3 condensed into 100mins, if you like, but in Italian.

Axie T (de) wrote: No. Spoilers below, but they barely warrant a warning; if you're paying any kind of attention then you know what's going to happen well before you see any of it. The gushing sentimentality would be warranted if there were a shred of depth behind it. The best scenes are when the movie attempts to tackle something mundane and everyday, those feel natural and real; the rest is just an endless slew of cliches. Freeman tries but he doesn't have much to work with, his character would have been much more interesting if the movie gave his feelings and struggles with his disabled state any screentime at all. He woos the cardboard cut out mother character with a children's book without the slightest nuance or personal relevance or significance, and has to teach an imaginative child about imagination (at the girl's insistence and a $34.18 pricetag). The only conflict in the movie is entirely contrived, sharply out of character, and easily dismissed. Humor comes either from tired gags or at the expense of a mentally challenged boy. Literally nothing in the movie is genuine and unless you like your characters one-dimensional and your plot free of craps to give, you'll probably be more frustrated at the wasted potential than anything.

Danielle G (au) wrote: Considering this movie probably cost next to nothing to make. Trust me it looks that way when you watch it. I thought for a science fiction flick, it was good and i like the storyline. It moved through at a good pace, but really who are we kidding. It was a made for tv movie for the sci fi channel and all there movies are crappy. So when i say it was good, i meant for a sci fi made movie!!!

Layla W (ca) wrote: While I wasn't sure what to expect from this, I wasn't disappointed. I loved the fact that it truly did change my viewpoint (which is hard to do) and the fact that about 95% of those women could pass as regular women. Different but not necessarily bad.

Amelia T (it) wrote: great actors, especially donnie yen (whose character wasn't well written enough) ... entertaining cartoon effects .. but terrible, terrible script.

Andrew J (nl) wrote: Penny [is not that] Dreadful.

Neil M (de) wrote: Comedic genius of the highest order. Dry, dead pan, dark, but most of all, relentlessly, achingly, pant-wettingly hilarious. The two leads play their parts to perfection, making you love them, no matter how horrendous they are. Everyone should have the chance to see this.

Aidan H (mx) wrote: A neat and moving story about loyalty and community in a small Czech town during the Nazi occupation with some great comic moments and subtle performances from the ensemble cast.

Groucho G (ru) wrote: Finally! A film about NY Italians that don't kill each other over business... oh wait. Drat.

Alex R (nl) wrote: what the F*CK is this

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Charming entertainment.

Martin T (br) wrote: This movie fails for me because I couldn't make myself care about Elvira, no matter how hard Fassbinder tried to make me. All the time I'm being told how sad and tragic her life has been, but all I could see was a needy, self-absorbed dimwit. Get over your silly gender/sexual issues already, for fuck's sake. Look at All About My Mother: those people have gender issues but they don't spend the whole movie whining about them. They have other things to do besides weep over how lonely they are. And five minutes of gory slaughterhouse footage... really? Is THAT what you think it takes to get my attention? I'm honestly insulted. I also hated most of the writing. Everyone speaks like they're in a novel, but a BAD novel, full of interminable, uninteresting monologues. I did like the moments of humor; they weren't terribly funny, but they provided a welcome break from the doom and gloom pity party. But of course, with Fassbinder you always get incredible cinematography. That, along with the last 30 or so minutes of the film, saved it from a much lower score. I appreciate how personal it was for Fassbinder, but it's not at all my cup of tea.

Bradley K (mx) wrote: As much as I love Cronenberg I found this film lacking. Shivers is a far greater pleasure.

Donald W (it) wrote: So bad its almost good.

Lady D (gb) wrote: Bought but not yet watched