The Dresser

The Dresser

In a touring Shakespearean theater group, a backstage hand - the dresser, is devoted to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company. He struggles to support the deteriorating star as the company struggles to carry on during the London blitz. The pathos of his backstage efforts rival the pathos in the story of Lear and the Fool that is being presented on-stage, as the situation comes to a crisis.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   wig,   fire,  

An effeminate personal assistant of a deteriorating veteran actor struggles to get him through a difficult performance of King Lear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanford R (br) wrote: It was an alright movie, but nothing special.

Shashank R (it) wrote: one of d best movies!!

Ruby U (us) wrote: That crap was so fucking funny I almost pissed my pants.DONT WATCH WITH PARENTS.Then you will feel sick.MUST SEE

Issac L (kr) wrote: Now I'm thinking of how to rank this film, underrated? or just deserves its lukewarm greeting when first came into theaters in 1999. Director Franco Zeffirelli (Brother Sun, Sister Moon 1972) was at his twilight time when shot this film (he was 76 then), which undeniably means there is scare chance that any director could launch another career apex (late bloomers are not included). Firstly for any film aficionados, the vintage cast consists of Cher, Maggie, Judi, Joan and Lily has an irresistible allure which only indicates that it will not dash my hope of an enchanting 2-hour stretch. The film gets Cher plays herself, divine and vulnerable at the same time, although I don't buy it when she would make such a rash and unexplained mistake in the latter story, maybe Paolo Seganti is too hot to resist (who knows, he is killingly delicious here). My favorite performance here is Dame Maggie Smith, whose acute spinster character is again fun to watch, alongside her old confidante Dame Judi Dench, a more vivacious image as Arabella, the art guardian. Joan Plowright's part is a heartrending one and Lily Tomlin's lesbian fashion could never be better for her. After all, this is a biographic story of Zeffirelli himself and our protagonist is Luca, whose adolescent ceremony co-occurs with WWII, which profoundly affects those expatriate ladies. This is a substantially feel-good film, and I must say I did enjoy the film, Zeffirelli failed to keep the balance to not reveal his conspicuous contrivances of bolstering the emotional momentum, so it leaves me some artificial impulse to discern some biased point-of-view about British chauvinism and American flattery, anyway, nothing to do with Italians, eventually.

Bo K (it) wrote: Definitely an awesome movie to grow up watching as a kid

Kenneth D (es) wrote: Worse than I thought it would be.

Bruce C (mx) wrote: a sad story of a marriage gone wrong .. interesting in that it was about homosexuality and the effects it can have one people.

Perseu E (fr) wrote: Obra-prima de Sirk, bastante simblica e que se d ao luxo de citar Shakespeare e Thoreau com propriedade. Todd Haynes no se inspirou nele pra fazer "Longe do Paraso" toa.

Ken S (gb) wrote: I was extremely underwhelmed. SOOOO much unnecessary voice over, it really felt like Bresson didn't know how to make a film visually so he just patched things up with talking. Memo to you Robert it's a VISUAL medium.Check out Winter Light instead, it's more or less the same movie except made by a true master of the art form.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Fonda And Wayne Clash In John Ford Cavalry Pic--Ford Apache!!

William R (kr) wrote: The performances are great but the story with one thats a acquired taste

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 86%Watched this on 22/5/15Before they made films like Saw, there was Cube. Cube is more of a mathematics based horror film that relies more on paranoia and psychological tension than on gore and violence. It's twists are offbeat and it's unambitious to a fault. It's acting is mostly bad, but enjoyable. The visual effects may not be too good, but the set pieces are absolutely fantastic. It craves more than the usual attention that a viewer would give it. When you think that it's falling apart, director Vincenzo Natali crafts it back to track.