The Duel at Silver Creek

The Duel at Silver Creek

A gang of claim jumpers is infesting the territory, gaining ownership of undermanned mining operations through extortion...and leaving no live witnesses. But one victim, quick-drawing gambler Luke Cromwell, escapes. Meanwhille, Marshal Lightnin' Tyrone is also after the gang; recovering from one raid, he meets femme fatale Opal Lacy, who may not be healthy for him to know. When Luke, now calling himself the Silver Kid, joins forces with Marshal Tyrone, the gang had better watch out ...unless something drives a wedge between the new allies.

Marshal Tyrone and the Silver Kid form an uneasy alliance against a gang of claim jumpers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Duel at Silver Creek torrent reviews

Priyanka J (it) wrote: ..tch.. nothing spectacular, not too boring film.

Ryan S (de) wrote: It was ok. I don't have a lot more to say about it.

hitandewi c (mx) wrote: i Want to ser this movie

Timm S (ru) wrote: Totally Enjoyed The Crazy / Creep-Out Factor That Eventually Spirals Way Way Waaaaay Out Of Control. Over The Top But Good ??Ol Scare Fest.

Buffy B (mx) wrote: The first 5 minutes of the movie seemed to give the movie potential for being frightening and mysterious. 45 minutes into the movie you realize it's all build up and no scare. It's like peeking into an all-girls school and observing what's really scary-whiny complaining and crying.

Kenneth L (mx) wrote: When playing your own natural personal best is no longer good enough then its time to hang it up & try something else. Being a good sport is always the more prized value than becoming the champion terrified by losing.

Ryan K (mx) wrote: This is so funny! I loved this movie a lot. The slapstick humor was great and I laughed a lot. This is my 2nd favorite movie by Mel. I enjoyed Blikin. Blikin was such a funny character and so awesome. Great movie.

Logan O (es) wrote: My favorite rocky film expect for the first and second come really close.

Laura H (de) wrote: What do you get when you put Luis Buuel and Catherine Deneuve together? Art house cinema at its most surreal apparently, as you can see in this bizarre tale about a meek Spanish woman who ends up as an unhinged one legged prostitute. An attack on Catholicism? An attack on patriarchy? Well, considering it's a Buuel film, you may need an IQ of 150 to answer that question...

Mike W (br) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton in perfext roles, with a decent script. This was about as good as this movie could have been.

Mark A (us) wrote: Sadly, they don't make films like this anymore, and they don't stars like this anymore.