The Eagle's Brood

The Eagle's Brood

When the outlaw El Toro saves Hoppy's life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson.

When the outlaw El Toro saves Hoppy's life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris N (ru) wrote: Some really great ass shots of Ginnifer Goodwin & Kate Hudson & a decent performance by the charming John Krasinski, but this has got to be one of the most annoying, unfunny, obnoxious romantic comedies in recent memory. Why can't there be more great romantic comedies out there?

Christina A (gb) wrote: "Don't be ridiculous Andrea. Everybody wants to be us." ~ Miranda Priestly ~.....and how RIGHT she is! Love, love, LOVE this movie! :)

Tyler M (gb) wrote: You just don't have the requisite Celtic soul, man. The story: It's kind of hard to explain the story for this film for one simple reason...There's a whole lot of stories moving along at the same time. One man, John, who hates his go nowhere job, has just broken up with his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend has moved on to a married man, all the while her cynical sister tries to find happiness, at the same time the married mans wife tries to convince herself that she's still attractive to men, she ends up with Johns best friend, Johns best friend is the shy shut in that doesn't seem to really know what he wants but still tries to fall in love, there's a bus driver that crashes a bus and loses his job all because of a little kid, a thief/common criminal that is desperate for money and adventure, a cop that believes that his brutal brand of justice is just what the world needs, and a news reporter searching for a great edgy story...Follow that? You get all of that in the first hour or so of the film so it's a lot to take in, John, ex-girlfriend, married man, cynical sister, wife, best friend, bus driver, criminal, cop, and a news reporter...So the last part of the film consists of weaving all these stories into one. Ten characters and ten stories that all come together in the end. Rest assured that the story makes a little more sense when you watch it...A little more sense...It kind of moves slowly at first, but the last 45 minutes when you see just how each character has affected each other, make it worth your time. If you're patient enough to wait for the end you won't be disappointed But if you just skip to the end you'll be lost...You have to take the first hour to really appreciate the last 45 minutes. And chances are you'll really appreciate the last 45 minutes. The Cast: Cillian Murphy, Collin Farrel, Colm Meaney, Kelly Macdonald...The cast gets the job done, but never really got me too interested. I don't think it was poor acting that failed to pull me in or failed to get me interested in the characters, I think it was the jumbled story. In fact I know it was the jumbled story because the acting was top notch and great. Lines recited great, action acted wonderfully, and the characters would all be interesting if you ever got a chance to really see them. Understandably each character doesn't get equal screen time, ten characters in 105 minutes only adds up to about ten minutes worth of story for each character. Granted each character has a storyline paired with another character so you're actually getting more than ten minutes each, but the point is, there's so much going on that no matter how great the acting is, you just don't grow a solid connection with anyone in the film. One to five scale: 3 Tyler 7/16/05

Blake P (mx) wrote: Much as 2001's "Training Day" goes to great lengths to create a gritty atmosphere that evokes an authentic, kitchen sink real sort of danger, I can't quite shake the feeling that not a thing about it is as pragmatic as director Antoine Fuqua might want you to believe. (If only because it goes to zero to sixty so quickly that things start to seem more blatantly cinematic than menacingly street smart.) But when its believability falters, its actors pick up the pieces and set their surroundings on fire, and since the film hardly finds a single moment not plagued by visceral danger, they're all "Training Day" has to convince us that in front of us is more than a bunch of lip-smacking tough talk. Ethan Hawke, young and ambitious, stars as Jake Hoyt, an LAPD officer in the process of working his way up to the top of the narcotics sector of the conglomerate. The film follows the twenty-four-period during which he's evaluated for possible promotion by Detective Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington), a highly respected narcotics commissioner. Though Hoyt expects nothing more than a routine excursion, a few hours of perusing through the streets with a couple of forays into deep-rooted, down and dirty preparation, little can ready him for the living hell that is working alongside Harris. To Harris, a successful officer must stoop to the levels of the criminals they're arresting - violence should always be one's first instinct, and thievery is a treat to be taken advantage of. Consuming confiscated drugs are not out of the question. Most in Hoyt's situation would perhaps instantaneously jump out of Harris's car in order to avoid getting themselves into a stew of a legal mess, but the former wants nothing more than to serve his community to the best of his ability. If he has to wiggle around the constraints of his moral standards in order to do so, so be it. But as the day treads along and Harris's detours into supposed crime fighting get increasingly hazardous and increasingly embedded in perilous self-interest, Hoyt cannot help himself from questioning if letting loose for the sake of building a career is really worth it - or if traveling down deep into the underbellies in which Harris commits most of his wrongdoings are good places to go for shady intrigue. The film eventually explodes into a finale that serves as even more of an all-too-simple letdown a la "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (only we're given the opposite of a life or death bromance). But because all leading up to it is so scrumptiously savage, I can excuse screenwriter David Ayer's decision to move toward an easy-way-out wrap up. It's more "Sleuth" than "Dirty Harry," and conversation, ambience, and swagger are definitively more important than a story that sings in its naturalism. But that's also my largest lament. "Training Day" is too operatic for a movie that's supposed to essentially work as a near docudrama regarding police brutality and corruption. Its biggest strength - and biggest weakness - is Alonzo Harris, who is played by Washington with astonishing intensity. While a fascinating creation of bureaucratic evil, Harris proves to have the dimension of a 1960s Bond villain, all cackling maleficence without a trace of humanization. The role is beautifully performed, but I much prefer Hawke's Hoyt, who's genuinely portrayed as a big-eyed hopeful way in over his head. "Training Day" flourishes, though, in creating a world so riddled with crime and hopelessness that the sneaking sensation of fear becomes a given. In order to authenticate its setting, Fuqua insisted many of the movie's scenes be shot in the most treacherous streets of Los Angeles, and the inducing of a rough riding ghetto is lucid. But because the material is more overwrought than snakily dangerous, we never forget that we're watching a movie and not a true crime explosion, and for a film so intent on making a statement, that's a fatal flaw.

RA L (ca) wrote: LETTERBOX. Sobre la pelcula de Miguel Pereira: est a millas de distancia de su maravilloso debut LA DEUDA INTERNA. La fotografa es hermosa, pero todo lo dems es un fracaso de simplismo e inverosimilitud. / About Miguel Pereira's movie: it is miles away from his wonderful debut VERONICO CRUZ. The cinematography is beautiful, but everything else fails in being simplistic and lacking believability.

keyla m (ag) wrote: confession is good for the soul peeps try it and see jaja

Michael W (es) wrote: Final collaboration of J Lee Thompson and Bronson, whose weary cop mirrors the output of Golan-Globus team at that time; among the last films of all involved. Respectable but watching Bronson rough up vermin is harder to pull off at age 68.

Arthur P (jp) wrote: american classic about youth, frendship and choices we make!

Andrey B (ru) wrote: Good old 70's thriller with recognizable atmosphere of horror.

The M (nl) wrote: It would be interesting

Dillon L (jp) wrote: Full of action and fun

Sean J (br) wrote: I watched "Z for Zachariah" over the weekend. It was OK, but by no means was it a winner. More like "Z for zzzzzzzzzz" (snoring sound)The trailer made it look interesting, I was excited to watch it. I mean how to you mess up a post apocalyptic story...... But these guys managed to do it. Thumbs down.

Brendan N (nl) wrote: okay story idea but the handheld gimmick killed the film and that ending was terrible. I'm amazed this film did so well at the box office, maybe some good promotional work tricked the audience. I suspect the handheld gimmick is nearing the end so fingers crossed.