The Ear

The Ear

Husband (senior ministry official) and wife find their house is riddled with listening devices put there by his own ministry. A harrowing night follows (reminiscent of 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf'), and the resolution is worse than being carted off to jail

Husband (senior ministry official) and wife find their house is riddled with listening devices put there by his own ministry. A harrowing night follows (reminiscent of 'Who's Afraid Of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua F (de) wrote: Heavy stuff! This ain't no teenager action-drama!

Marcus D (gb) wrote: Interesting expose on print media and the NY Times.

Thomas T (es) wrote: Nicolas Cage really tried his best.

Radu A (br) wrote: I always dread of comedies as they tend to always be dumbed down and generally instill a sense of guilt in me as I watch them. Thankfully there are things like Italian for Beginners and The Boss of it All that supplement the laughs with a good dose of absurd, grief and requisite avant-garde Danish cinema movement to put it all into perspective. This actually fits Dogme 95 while still managing to work very well as a light-hearted romantic comedy (although by no means to the extent that some Hollywood vanilla would have it). So yes, there is the handheld camera, the occasional jumpcut and the overall depressing feel of a small Danish town. But so what? It only shows that you can find humour in anything, and it doesn't have to be watered down and washed out, reduced to the lowest common denom just to qualify as funny. Not many movies manage to mix miserable despair and grief with comedy quite so eloquently, and I am thankful that there are still filmmakers out there willing to do it for the rest of us when we feel that we have seen the same old Hollywood comedy for the 500th time..

Roger R (ag) wrote: Above average fantasy flick - a homage to frank Capra's its a wonderful life - worth a look

Charles E (kr) wrote: really enjoyable horror movie, a combination of magic, alternate dimensions and good protagonists make this and interesting creepy movie. hopefully the sequel is just as good. and just as campy as this one

Ugly T (gb) wrote: i'm disappointed on this movie. Satanik was best italian 'erotic,fantastic dark comic' from the 60s. I used to collect it. The Movie lacks of withcrafts,vampires,zombies, HPL monsters, sex...just the beginning it was good but all the rest it's really lame. What's a pity!!

Brad S (ca) wrote: I had only seen this once before and it was nice to revisit this masterpiece from Luis Buuel. The blu-ray look great and perfectly captures just how stunning Catherine Deneuve is. She plays a homemaker who is both repressed and bored so decides to become a prostitute, for the afternoons only so as not to interfere with her marriage. This is a fascinating film and again, another must see for all film lovers. Check it out!

Brenden K (ru) wrote: I'm not beating around the bush with this one. The movie is so predictable and stuffed with cliches. It leaves a small impact on a message you already know about 30 mintues into the running time. While the jokes might make you chuckle every now and then, it is not worth seeing a story done over and over, just for the sake of having Jim Carrey mug at the camera and make "I am God" jokes.

Aidan A (us) wrote: This is a very good movie! Because it's just about Zira and Cornelius, it's very funny. A very good third edition to the sequel!

Ben L (ca) wrote: I have to start off this review by talking about the cast of The Burbs, because I think the film is elevated considerably by having talent like Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman, and a bunch of character actors that you'll recognize from countless other films. I love Tom Hanks' consistent run of dramatic roles that have made him an Oscar winner, but sometimes I wish he would get back to the occasional comedy like this, because he is great. His freak-out at the end of the film is an absolute classic moment that is worth watching again and again. The character's journey was reminiscent of another film that I love from the same point in his career...The Money Pit. He is fabulous as the average Joe who is slowly driven insane by the events that transpire around him. But his mania is fueled by the funny cast of neighbors who encourage him to go too far. The best thing about this film is the way they set the tone as if it were strictly horror. The lighting, the set design, and especially the music are combined to create an eerie aura around the Klopek house. I do take issue with how stupid some of the neighbors behave throughout the movie, but I think that is something you just have to accept as a key element in the story. The important thing is the humor created by the juxtaposition of this horrific house/family in one of the most mild-mannered neighborhoods. The final payoff of the movie was extremely satisfying and I laughed more in the last 15 minutes than in the entire film leading up to that point. The Burbs is a fun movie that does a good job of having a horror element without being horrific at all.