The Earthling

The Earthling

Patrick Foley has been on the move all his live. Tired of drifting, he wants to spend his last days in an isolated Australian valley where he grew up. On his difficult journey he meets Shawn, a little desperate city-boy whose parents were killed in an accident in this remote inhospitable territory. Being unable to accompany the boy back to the civilized world he reluctantly takes him with him on his trip to that valley and teaches him in a rugged way how to survive ...

Patrick Foley has been on the move all his life. Tired of drifting, he wants to spend his last days in an isolated Australian valley where he grew up. On his difficult journey he meets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernanda D (kr) wrote: Excellent, inspirational!

Thomas B (br) wrote: cheesy made animated movie

Brian C (ca) wrote: this movie is now on my top ten worst zombie movies ever. the begining never really show how it started to spread just all of a sudden a zombie would show up out of no where and kill someone. the main charater had a gun but never really used it but to hit zombies in the face and didn't kill them. like there were bunch of times where he could of just shoot the damn zombie. you never see and cops or real military doing anything. like the two army guys in the movie didn't look real to me and I've been in for five years all they had on was bdu's. the whole movie had one yea one gun this is American almost everyone has a gun in America. movie sucked.

Dominique D (br) wrote: love the worj of matthew barney, the restraint series, the inability for an artist to express her/his self freely ......

Private U (jp) wrote: love it....I LOVE ABBIE!!!!!

Monique J (ru) wrote: Love Steve Martin, Love this Movie! "Teenagers so irresponsible!" Comedic Genius!

Cameron M (jp) wrote: Though the animation is at times inconsistent, Balto packs a lot of heart into its characters and story which more than makes up for any minor flaws.

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Redgie C (ru) wrote: cute movie. both leads were perfect for their roles.

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Zbigniew Z (au) wrote: Great acting but there's nothing original in the story.