The Editor

The Editor

A one-time (and now one-handed) master film editor toiling in the cinematic sweatshops of 1970s Italy becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders.

The movie follows Rey Ciso, one-handed film editor as he becomes the prime suspect in a series of violent murders. The bodies continue to pile up as Rey struggles to prove his innocence and learn the sinister truth lurking behind the scenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susanna M (jp) wrote: Profound. Would've given at least 4.5 stars if Julia's character didn't use The Bahamas as a damn scapegoat for her getting polio. SMDT!!

Dillon K (ca) wrote: Despite convincing acting, Cold Fish is excessively and unsettlingly gory, and spirals entirely out of control with no resemplance of thought in the second half of the film.

Elester W (au) wrote: Had a good concept but it didn't pan out. Good scares but somehow the plot seemed hollow.

Haider S (nl) wrote: good movie ...nice story

Grant H (it) wrote: Great movie. Very funny, very predictable, led by great performance from Spade and filled with amazing cameos.

Chara S (ru) wrote: I can't believe that with this great cast they made this poor movie.

Jeffrey L (au) wrote: Since Old Yeller is soooooo 1957, Hollywood decided it was time to update the boy and his dog? genre with Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog. An engaging family flick with endearing characters, impressive filming locations and an admirable (though predictable) story, this one could easily fit itself into the modern family classics? category. Sadly, few remember it to this day.A very young Jesse Bradford (who eventually went on to parts in films including Bring it On, Flags of Our Fathers and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell) is excellent in the role of Angus, an intelligent teen down on his luck when his boat capsizes, leaving him lost at sea. Fortunately, his experience growing up in the wilderness has taught him a thing or two about survival. Not only that, the stray dog his family recently took in happens to be along, too! Day after day the boy and his dog struggle to get by; living off the little food they brought and scavenging for more, sleeping on whatever they can find and escaping the constant threat of predators (particularly wolves). They know their loving family and a devoted search team is looking for them. But can their survival skills keep them going until their rescue team brings them to safety?A nicely done film that most will enjoy, Bradford(TM)s courage and maturity for a tough role elevate this one to great heights and his companionship with the dog (whose name is Yellow?) is first rate. Seems to borrow themes from stories like Shiloh and Hatchet, but still a nice addition to the family flick collection. Also the last film for director Philip Borsos, who died of Leukemia the same year. Not to be confused with the 1989 thriller, Far From Home (starring Drew Barrymore). Filmed in British Columbia.

Nick J (ru) wrote: One of the best British films made - not for evryone though...

Tyler S (es) wrote: This movie was on at 5 am couldn't sleep. I wasted my time because? Oh I know two big reasons

Pia K (nl) wrote: Tyls leffa, mutta Elviksen takia oli katsottava loppuun asti... ;) (Suom. El elmsi laulaen)

Christopher M (fr) wrote: Great movie!!! Cool ideas! I wish Jack Slater was a real franchise!!!

Ryan W (au) wrote: Police Academy might be incredibly stupid and goofy but it is very entertaining and the film works by being that right from the beginning to the very end

Dann M (us) wrote: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart star in the buddy comedy Central Intelligence. When Calvin meets up with an old high school friend he accidentally gets drawn into a covert CIA op to catch an international arms dealer. Johnson and Hart make for a good comedic duo (though Johnson does a lot of the heavy lifting). And for the most part the comedy is well-written and playful. But at times it gets a little too raunchy and overly stupid, and most of the characters are clichd stereotypes. Yet while it's formulaic and predictable, there's some fun to be had in Central Intelligence.