The Edukators

The Edukators

Three activists cobble together a kidnapping plot after they encounter a businessman in his home.

Three activists cobble together a kidnapping plot after they encounter a businessman in his home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler B (es) wrote: Possibly the best Video Game adaptation ever translated to film!

Casey K (fr) wrote: Waste of time, followed by more time being wasted. This movie did a great job of going nowhere, slowly.

Shaeda M (mx) wrote: Tv actors are amazing. You still didn't know that ? Watch aamir. A great story, great cast, a great plot and beautiful songs !

Linda M (mx) wrote: cheesy and totally enjoyable, if only for the animals

Michael W (ca) wrote: Lone man in Alps satellite outpost develops long-distance connection with youngster on his ham radio in Maine. Makes the big mistake of bringing the youngster in on spy conspiracy he accidently taps into in Washington. That one is hard to explain to Mom. Can't recommend this on any level other than saying it's suitable for a younger audience.

Donnie D (au) wrote: I watched this one around 3 am this morning (4/2/2011) & I gave it 3 stars. I never read the synopsis or the info on a movie before i watch it, because more often than not, they give a way the plot as they did in this one.This movie was a big stab at what could've been a possible classic. In my personal opinion, what killed it was the long drawn out storyline. I kept feeling like there was not a quick enough resolution to the building up of a climax. Then when the movie finally DID climax, the song in the film that i'd never heard...had already given the climax away!! I was very upset with the outcome, but i'm a huge fan of both Robby Benson & Glynnis O'Connor so i gave it 3 stars for great acting & wonderful cinematography.

Hendrik S (gb) wrote: boleh laaa, cita bride2 nehh. some bonds are made to be broken. gitulaa cite die

Trae K (us) wrote: An enormously disappointing and underwhelming movie. Despite Robin Williams's charming performance as always, this movie as a whole (especially the humor) was rather just ANNOYING, was NOTHING special, and was hardly ANYTHING entertaining at ALL; instead, it had a loony storyline, an over-the-top cast (with Robin Williams and Marcia Gay Harden both being the ONLY good performances that I liked in this movie), unrealistic silliness, and, to my biggest surprise, Flubber not being in this film all that much. Based on all of the previews that I remembered seeing on old VHS tapes of some Disney animated classics that I STILL have today, it looked like Flubber was going to be among the main focus of the movie, but NOPE. Sure, Robin's character created him based on a science-experimenting accident, but this movie is mostly about Robin trying to win back his ex-wife and keep his job while Flubber is ONLY on-screen for at least 2-3 SCENES out of the WHOLE movie! UGH...I don't really know what to say in response to that. Generally, the way I see it, whenever a certain movie that seems to have such GREAT potential does NOT live up to my expectations at ALL, I sometimes feel CHEATED and the film can LOSE points for that, in my opinion. There was indeed some decent moments in this movie, and that is why I'm not giving it a lower rating, but overall though, my biggest words to describe my thoughts on this film: DISAPPOINTING UNDERWHELMINGNESS.

Liam P (es) wrote: For me Straw Dogs is the best kind of horror movie. It's not about a killer or an supernatural entity. It's about Man vs his own psyche. That is my kind of horror film.