The Eighteenth Angel

The Eighteenth Angel

"Satan will no longer be beast... but beauty!" That declaration comes early in The Eighteenth Angel, signaling the kind of horror movie we're in for: thick and cheesy. When that line (and others like it) is uttered by mad monk Maximilian Schell, it's even creamier. Schell is ushering in the return of the Antichrist by genetically engineering Satan's minions, but he needs the transplant

Mythology and religious dogma are slowly revealed when an attractive young woman is approached by a modeling agency that pulls her into an underworld of priests that are not Christian but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie H (nl) wrote: I really loved this set of shorts.

Krishna S (gb) wrote: had fun all the way ......jst a lil borin last 10 mins but otherwise its a perfect bollywood masala flick .........will enjoy if u stop lookin at technical details

John P (ru) wrote: Is what it is... A direct to video sequel of a movie that was not very good in the first place. Had a good ending, though. Above average for a DTV movie...

Bengel W (de) wrote: If you are into basketball then this documentary is for you otherwise, it's the usual dribble of rag tag team gets to the top, yawn. Nibbles: White Turkey Chili.

Joe K (fr) wrote: decent but not great at all

Hannah M (es) wrote: i like barbie movies they are cool

J L (ag) wrote: I actually really enjoy most of this movie, but i do have my problems with it 2.

Cece Z (gb) wrote: The DIrector's Cut is much much better. I loved the soundtrack and the action scenes.

Adil S (fr) wrote: Nice movie. It came in 2001, but I didn?t got chance to watch it until now.

letha w (es) wrote: This was a great movie. It is one of my Favorites.

David B (us) wrote: Peter Greenaway always makes amazing looking films with the most epic stories, and this is no exception.

Joel A (gb) wrote: A pick & choose true story of infamous Gangster Bugsy Spiegel who supposedly created the Flamingo Casino which was the forefront for Las Vegas in the Nevada Desert.Warren Beatty was good as Bugsy but had a habit of over acting at times, the real knockout was Annette Benning.The story was interesting & Bugsy wasn't a person you would want to cross, the film overall was good but it did drag a lot in parts. If your a gangster film lover you'll appreciate it but maybe not for everyone.

Mikhail B (br) wrote: Having considered the odds, three old people decide to rob a bank. According to their cool consideration, it's a win-win decision, as their life, they gather, can't get much worse, even a transfer to a prison would give them a major financial boost. So, they return from the first bank they picked with ample 15 thousand dollars or so and let themselves do things they thought they never could, passing out one after another, happy and dignified. A light optimistic comedy, apparently, with a touch of sadness.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Roger Moore plays a Sicilian (!) tasked with uncovering the placement and removal of heroin inside a cross intended as a gift to a San Francisco church by a mob boss. Stacy Keach lends support as a Grand Prix driver who also dabbles as a troubleshooter (?) into such affairs that need to be kept low-key. Multi-national film that won't disappoint but may not have you hoping for more.

Michael D (ag) wrote: One of the best comedies ever made.

James H (ca) wrote: It's a funny film that I think is very underrated. If this hadn't come after Austin Powers this would be much better received by fans and critics alike. Atkinson is funny and Malkovich is brilliant as the villain. There were quite a few scenes were I was almost in tears with laughter. Although the plot wasn't always as well knit together as it could have been but still a solid entry into the parody spy genre.

Lucero C (de) wrote: Too boring for my taste!! too bad!!