The Electric Urn

The Electric Urn


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Peneflix M (fr) wrote: A French film starring the sensually titillating Monica Bullucci as "Angele" an actor married to "Frederic" (Louis Garrel) a mediocre, dissipated artist; chemistry between the two is neither "hot" nor "burning", just boring. Frederick invites his best friend "Paul" (Jerome Robart) and his partner "Elizabeth" (Celine Sallette) to spend the summer with him and Angele; instead of the plot thickening it is diluted, thinned in trying tedium and triteness. I gleefully exited into a real and much more viable "burning hot summer", preferring the heat to this vapid scenario; questioning, puzzling why this film was ever made?ONE & 1/2 STARS!For Now.....Peneflix!

Steve W (au) wrote: Yoji Yamada's final fi;m in his unofficial Samurai trilogy is his most low key with the least amount of action, but it makes up for with plenty of good acting and heart wrenching emotion. Its the tale of a lowly samurai who tests for poison at a castle, and after a freak accident he loses his sight. After some rumours and hidden secrets (a recurring theme), the samurai must avenge his wife and his own honour in this well made timeless film.

Maciek b (de) wrote: Tasty piece of African cinema about revenge and forgiveness. Very specific and universal at the same time. Recommended for those who seek for similarities between European and African (Muslim) culture.

Kristi S (au) wrote: My son wants to see this so bad!

Jennifer B (de) wrote: I thought it was hilarious.

Julie (gb) wrote: Saw this one on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and laughed. Laughed at the cheesy costumes, especially when they make a bear outfit look like a werewolf costume. I couldn't tell which character was which half the time. And no one could keep their accents straight. And where did Joe Esteves go? He disappeared in the movie. My favorite part is with the soundtrack music, half horror half drama, and the guy goes to his radio and turns it off. He turns off the movie soundtrack? Wow, he is talented. And the ending? How? Made for those nights when you want nothing but laughter in a bad movie.

Matthew B (fr) wrote: Fantastic goof on 50s Sci-Fi Horror matinees. Tom Atkins steals the he tends to do. There are moments in this movie so heartfelt and well played you'll be genuinely moved. A absolute classic.

David Z (fr) wrote: Farrah once again gives a riveting performance.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Norris stars as an incorruptible Chicago cop who goes it alone against mobsters and internal corruption. We are right in Norris' peak period and it shows. He established a commanding presence that immediately says he is not to be messed with. Chicago setting is a benefit, where people who care drink Old Style beer.

Steven G (de) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie ever made by Nicole Kidman. She has done anything of similar importance since.

FanGirl B (jp) wrote: Crazy, crazy, crazy lady, and based on a true story to boot.

Hunter S (au) wrote: Dog CRAP....TERRIBLE.0 stars

Krist V (us) wrote: Flink gelachen met deze film. Gaylie is weer hilarisch !