The Emperor of Capri

The Emperor of Capri

Sonia, a beautiful gold digger, mistakes Antonio, a waiter in a Neapolitan hotel, for the Arab prince Bey of Agapur and makes an appointment with him for the following day in Capri. Antonio... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly L (gb) wrote: As far as all of the reviews that in essence call this movie a romance cliche, I beg to differ. It captures the post-war aphrodesia of young people after WW2 and their struggle to make sense of a changed world directed, in part, by bad memories of the war itself, and the sexual double standards faced by women in the mid-twentieth century. As an historian, I love this movie, and loved the book even more. The translation is fantastic!

Sara W (es) wrote: As usual the truth is more horrible...

Arseniy V (de) wrote: Just couldn't get through it.

Jason D (gb) wrote: In Gimme Skelter, the roughly 60-some odd varied (and slightly unusual) residents of a super small New Mexico town are met with terror in the form of a gang of thrill-killers ran by rising genre star Billy Garberina (in a rare straight non-comedic role) who is the illigetimate son of Charles Manson, looking to replicate his terror, but on a more modern level. Before this gang begins slaughtering town members throughout the night, we are introduced to a large array of townsfolk that includes semi-lead Mark Chavez, whose just cheated on his longtime girlfriend with one of the gang members. There's also the great Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface) and his real-life niece Kristin Hansen playing father and daughter, as well as rising scream queen Elske McCain who shows who two greatest (and biggest) assets as the town whore (with one hell of a mean streak). Anyways, the group begins their killing, which starts off rather successfully, but grows increasingly harder as the townsfolk get weirder. Special effects guru/director Kenneth J. Hall (Halfway House) makes a cameo appearance as a creepy strip club customer, as well as another rising horror icon Trent Haaga as one of the gang members. Bad acting? Oh you bet. Low Budget? Of course! Overall, Gimme Skelter begins with a bang, delivering a fun opening, but then starts becoming a bit sour until finally picking up and actually delivering a somewhat entertaining ULTRA-low budget film. The cast of rising and underground stars playing such eccentric characters actually manage to make this film entertaining. Lots of nudity helped as well! Overall, a decent surprise.

F B (jp) wrote: Average film which flattened out towards the end.

Adam M (gb) wrote: This film is terrible, I almost turned it off.

David W (jp) wrote: An absolute blast of a Hor-medy, filled with grinding suspense in the first act before exploding into splatter gore unrelenting to the end!!! It's indisputably british humour is often laugh out loud funny and bears repeat viewings. This combined with its quite brutal visuals make this a british survival horror comedy classic.

Anisha V (gb) wrote: kings of the high who would give. more like. who gives?

JP N (us) wrote: I could really only appreciate the first sketch of this film Magnetic Rose. Basically if your lookin for some acid and cant find it watch Magnetic Rose it'll blow your mind.

Eric H (de) wrote: This is a really good, basketball film. Lots of intense on the court scenes, the plot keeps the movie going and so do the actors. Nolte always plays the jerk well, so he was born for this role in my book.

Laura N (au) wrote: Of course this movie was phenomenal. The cast was fantastic especially Robert Downey, Jr. I could go on and on but the truth of it is my favorite parts were the ones where scenes in Charlie Chaplin's real life were staged as if they were scenes from his silent films. My favorite was when he was in Utah trying to finish his movie The Kid in secrecy.

Jon I (mx) wrote: its all about eskimos i like this one

Shantel D (it) wrote: This one's pretty lame. Still watchable, but lame.

Greg G (fr) wrote: Great soundtrack but... The kid & Adrian are rather annoying in this part

Joseph S (us) wrote: Well directed, better in the weirdness.

Matt H (jp) wrote: The premise is interesting, but the execution of it, not so much. I feel there's a better story in there, but the movie goes in a less interesting direction. Some interesting camera shots, though.

Erin W (ag) wrote: Summer at grandmas meant watching oldies but gold classics(lol). I was the only five year old who knew about Esther Williams and Red Skeleton. Red Skeleton was amazing but other then that a pretty average film yet it provides great entertainment. Esther Williams was basically a modern day JLO that could sort of act..she didn't strike me as amazing or anyone I would remember.

Diego Martn (it) wrote: otra mas y otra mas 5/10

J K (de) wrote: An interesting plotline that was probably ahead of its time in regards to seeing how a mistake can lead to corruption. A borderline corrupt cop in a fit of rage accidentally kills a murder suspect then tries to pin the murder on another murderer. The cop figures, hey, he's wanted for several other crimes, why not one more? Sounds like something you'd hear on a Law & Order episode, only there are no black or latino drug dealers to pin the crime on this time. As the cop's decision to put the blame off on another criminal blows up in his face, the plot takes off and is rather interesting for a 1950s film. The intro to this movie was really stupid (the guy walking over the chalk on the sidewalk, yippeee), but other than that was a very enjoyable movie to watch...if you can handle the uber-cliched 1950s copper dialogue. Take that with Immodium.