The End of the Road

The End of the Road

Seven years ago, when Salma was celebrating her birthday with a group of friends she caused the death of a girl who had stolen her boyfriend. Now Salma is a well-known television anchor who...

Seven years ago, when Salma was celebrating her birthday with a group of friends she caused the death of a girl who had stolen her boyfriend. Now Salma is a well-known television anchor who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin K (ag) wrote: A lot going on/left with too many loose ends for me - could have been better from both perspectives. A lot of reviews focused on the NRA and gun laws. I did not view this movie from that perspective - the subject matter could have been on anything and been criticized in the same way - for or against - to me the movie was more about lobbyists and what goes on behind the scenes. This I found both sickening and fascinating at the same time and Jessica Chastain does a wonderful job portraying that world.

Mira Mohd S (ru) wrote: No where close to its predecessors in every department.. still a good psychological thriller with twist ( u may love it or hate it)..Randeep Hooda is totally sidelined ( No wonder Emraan Hashmi dint sign this up) as the screen space is divided cleverly between the female leads..can be a one time watch if you enjoy thrillers..

Mikko K (ag) wrote: jalleen jenkkiteinikomedia. naita katsellessa on aina tietoinen etta voi tulla taytta paskaa, mutta joskus ne saattaa ihan kivasti yllattaa, kuten esim. fired up ja sex drive. mutta taa kylla yllatti vain huonoudellaan. leffassa oli siis niinq ihan seko meinikia hei, mutta vittu miten huonosti se oli toteutettu. koko leffa vaikutti joltain ylaasteella tehdylta hassuttelulta. silla vaikka meno oli niin hurjan kreisii, niin sen vitsit on naurattanut luultavasti vain tekijoitaan. nayttelijat oli ihan perseesta, eika leffassa ollut kasikirjoitusta ollenkaan.ihan vihaksi pisti tata katsoessa. tata ei kylla kannatta kenenkaan katsoa. verrattuna esim. house bunnyyn, niin sen eduksi on laskettava etta se oli sentaan tehty kuin elokuva, tassa ei nakynyt minkaanlaista ammattimaista otetta missaan.

Chris F (ca) wrote: made me want to go up the Holloway Road next time am in London

Dean K (de) wrote: A good big battle epic film with some good fight scenes with a Western style feel to it.

Anthony I (gb) wrote: I was holding off on seeing this movie, but I've finally sucked up and watched it. I'm very glad I did. The Believer is such a powerful, tragic film, that highlights the best of Ryan Gosling's ability as an actor. It forces you to think about the philosophy behind neo-nazism. As far as I'm concerned, the hatred of the Jews is the root of all evil. Our main character, thus, is a detestable human being, and not once will you be charmed by his faux-charisma and intelligence. But you will sympathize with him in the end. He's a jew that hates jews, essentially, but he's still a jew at heart. It comes as a timely observation, considering that entertainment was getting more comfortable with self-depricating jewish humor at that time. For sure, you'll start thinking. But absolutely, you'll become more compassionate after seeing this. Especially, after a holocaust flashback, seen in a portion of this movie, that will tear your heart out of your chest. This is a brutal movie, but it's worth your time.. trust me.

Mayank F (gb) wrote: govinda sizzles up this hilarious comedy!!!!!!!a sure one time watch

Paul D (ca) wrote: Aside from a very FEW funny moments, this is quite a long and boring mess! Tom Hanks delivers his regular 80's style performance for a movie that takes itself way too seriously.

Jairo A (gb) wrote: Good to kill time, that's it. No replay value for me. The acting was mediocre at best.

Morris N (jp) wrote: Solid, interesting, and unusual Western. The biggest problem is the casting. McQueen hands in an excellent performance, but he is supposed to be much younger than he is, and it doesn't quite work. Acting, directing, soundtrack, etc., are all top flight. If you like Westerns you'll probably enjoy this.

Daniel V (jp) wrote: A slightly above average funny sci-fi actioner that pays small homage to the classic Aldous Huxley novel, A Brave New World. It never takes itself too seriously but earnest performances by Stallone and Bulluock coupled with a wonderfully over the top Snipes that pushes it from slightly above average to early 90s action classic. One of Stallone's best of the decade. A great double feature with Cliffhanger, Stallone's best of the 90s.

Greg W (jp) wrote: It is set in the 1950s and '60s and actually feels as if it were made back then. And that's exactly what's good about it