The Escapees

The Escapees

Marie and Michelle are escaping from a lunatic asylum. Michelle is a tough girl who knows how to survive on the road, but the extremely shy Marie desperately clings to her until Michelle gives in and promises help. The two get into a lot of trouble which puts their friendship to a test.

On the run from an asylum for the insane, a feisty young girl and a forlorn female companion embark on a surreal journey with a group of traveling erotic dancers. Wandering from the fantastic to the farcical and back again, . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Escapees torrent reviews

emily h (jp) wrote: Cheesy kind of odd but ok I guess

Carlos J (br) wrote: zafa bastante, ideal para ver en TV

Steve S (es) wrote: filming is good, acting not bad. story is weak. the flow is all over the place. however for a b film I guess its worth watching once.

shanul h (au) wrote: The flashbacks were unnecessary in this comical film.

Doug C (es) wrote: It's a cult classic.. helps a lot that Bowie.. mispronounced in what I assume was an overdub.. put some steam into it.. and it helps that it's basically a true story.

Ada D (es) wrote: Underworld: Rise of the Lycan's shows how this war began between Vampires and Lycan's. The story is thrilling and dark and it plays into Underworld one and two very well. The cast is great and CG and action scenes are surprisingly well done. It's a enjoyable film if you liked the previous films.

James D (ag) wrote: Good 70s crime drama with obvious nods to Bullit and French Connection.