The Estate Film

The Estate Film

The story of a bad boy hoodie & his gang that dominate their zone on a notorious South London Estate, and five families struggle with every day crime. Police corruption is at a high & residents are pushed to the limit

The story of a bad boy hoodie & his gang that dominate their zone on a notorious South London Estate, and five families struggle with every day crime. Police corruption is at a high & residents are pushed to the limit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joetaeb D (br) wrote: we really can't stop those two dirty bastards can't we?

Lucero C (nl) wrote: Its a really good film with a lot of heart! A lot of christian symbolism and it was beautiful to see!

Madison B (ag) wrote: People say it's funanay!! lol

LEEWAY C (au) wrote: Knowing most of the Pacific Islands and living on the small island of Kauai, this movie is a damn insult! It isn't pathetic to say that this movie is for stoners slash burners. I regret ever watching this, a total complete waste of my time! That's it, no more comment on this horrible, stoned out movie (imagine being stoned for an hour, just siting there watching a bunch of grown ups wasting their time on Ganja.) 10%

Curt F (mx) wrote: SPOILER ALERT----THIS MOVIE SUCKS! This is like if the Cannonball Run tried to be a drama. A big cast strikes out with a stupid plot that nobody cares about. Did this cast need the money, I just don't get why they would do this? This movie came out in 2006 and had to be straight to video.I was due for a bad movie, lately I have been seeing pretty decent ones. Here are some highlights to give you a taste of the stupid. Danny DeVito in a tux and top hat doing magic tricks. Ray Liotta as the family man. Kelsey Grammer on crutches playing a detective. Forest Whitaker running around betting on basketball games. I didn't care about any of these people. I tried to. It was like as if some morality police tried to write a story why gambling is bad and then stupidly stretched all reality to get to a certain ending.One of my big problems I have to mention is the movie wasn't even courageous enough to identify the city it was supposed to take place in. The opening scene had a body found under a pier which suggested Atlantic City to me and yet the only casino scenes looked like a cheeseball set in a fake casino called Majestic that obviously wasn't real.The other laughable scene I must highlight is when DeVito and Basinger were playing blackjack and because she won like $100 she had a big crowd behind her cheering her on. Maybe the producers of this film should have gone to a real casino to see how people bet $100-$500 a hand and nobody cares. That would mean that they actually understood what gambling is and what casinos are, which obviously they do not.Oh yeah, one last thing. Ray Liotta wants a divorce from Kim Basinger because she was gambling. I have news for you Ray, there would be 1,000 men in line to give her all the money she wants to gamble!! Haha.

Jesus H (de) wrote: son buenos y la historia mejor

Stuart K (au) wrote: After Walker (1987), director Alex Cox was blacklisted from Hollywood, not only for attacking American foreign policy in that film, but also for breaking the WGA strike in 1988. Aside from doing introductions for BBC2's Moviedrome, he struggled to get films made, but his producer from Walker, Lorenzo O'Brien, had wrote a script, which Cox liked, however it was set in Mexico. But language barriers didn't bother Cox a bit. It begins with Pedro Rojas (Roberto Sosa) joining the Mexican highway patrol, he's young but eager to learn, and do right for the community. He works in the rural north of Mexico, which has wide open spaces but is open to all sorts of corruption, which Rojas wants no part of. However, his patrol partner Anibal Guerrero (Bruno Bichir) frequently takes bribes, which Rojas is scornful of. But, it's not long before Rojas starts turning to a life of crime, he cheats on his wife Griselda (Zaide Silvia Gutirrez) with a local prostitute called Maribel (Vanessa Bauche), and it's Rojas who gets the money for it, not Maribel. But it's not long before this corrupt lifestyle catches up with Rojas big time. Even in Spanish, you can recognise Cox's stylistic direction and offbeat set-ups. It makes for an interesting moral tale about about the trouble corruption and power can land some people in, it should have seen Cox return to cinema, but he's struggled with trying to get films made ever since. Shame.

Gianni V (ca) wrote: Confusing and unbelievable. Couldn't believe it was from the same director as L'Homme de Rio and Le Bossu, which I loved.

Chris J (ca) wrote: This is so bad, it's almost unwatchable--my son and I did only thanks to Rifftrax. There is really nothing I can add to the movie synopsis--awful, awful, awful.

Alex F (ag) wrote: Great understated drama.

Jonathan B (de) wrote: Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg conspired to make me terrified to even take a bath when they created this classic movie. Straight away, we have to deal with the giant rubber shark that leaps onto the boat towards the climax of the movie. It didn't really work in the 1970s and it really doesn't work now but by the time it appears, it ceases to matter as the sheer terror has been well established. The movie is formed of two distinct acts. Firstly, we have the onshore story of how the small American community of Amity Island learn of the monstrous, great white shark that has come to visit their shallows at the start of the holiday season. While in the second act, we go aboard the fishing vessel Orca with her captain, the local police chief and a shark expert and follow their attempt to track and kill the beast. This second act is a real jewel of a character piece thanks to the fine acting talents of Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss. I love the scene where Shaw's Quint and Dreyfuss' Hooper compare scars in an attempt at one-upmanship and the line from Schneider's Chief Brody "You're going to need a bigger boat!" has entered film legend. There's also that terrific score by John Williams that does so much to terrify the viewer. The theme is now such a part of popular culture that there can be few of us that haven't had those menacing bars of music reverberating through our heads at some point while we paddle in the sea at Paignton.

J M (br) wrote: "With The Exception Of The Custom Hot Rods This Movie Illustrates What Teenage Kids Are Still Doing In America Today."*****

cody f (br) wrote: This film is about a family of Quakers who struggle with their beliefs during the Civil War. It's interesting to see how the Quakers lived and their religious beliefs. The film goes into great detail on this and you realize how horrible it would be to be a Quaker. At times the movie is too cute with too many rear projections(the CGI of the 50's) The acting is great (Cooper does his aw shucks character) and the story is a good one. The film gets real good when the war is in their back yard and they must choose between protecting themselves or follow their religion and do nothing.

Danny S (jp) wrote: Out of the surplus 1930's musicals about musicals 42nd street seems to come out on the top of the list. It establishes a working structure that would be repeated over and over. The musical half makes up for the build up but the characters are full of unexplained emotions and turns.

Ada D (ag) wrote: Underworld Evolution: picks up directly from the previous film ... Vampire Warrior Selene and her half werewolf hybrid lover Michael hunt for clues to reveal the history of their race meanwhile the Vampire clan is desperately trying to kill them both. Overall I think it was a very fun action packed sequel that stays true to the first film.