The Eternal Present

The Eternal Present

Mystery film about a man who finds out that his job in an obrbituary isn't what he thought it was.

Shortly after taking a job processing obituaries, a young man becomes inadvertantly involved in the death of an old woman. Only when he reads about the accident in his own newspaper, days ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cindy W (jp) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie....

Walter M (de) wrote: On the subway to see the touching and funny movie "And Everything Is Going Fine," I noticed a lot of people wearing holiday costumes which I had never seen before and most of them seemed to get off at my stop. A friend thought this might have something to do with a massive pub crawl which a lot of crazy behavior including a slide down a bannister at the World Trade Center Path station would seemingly confirm. Now this is the kind of story that Spalding Gray(1941-2004) would tell in his monologues in front of an audience, while sitting down at a table with maybe a glass of water or a notebook.(For "Monster in a Box," he had the mother of all unfinished manuscripts. I still would like to know about the Playboy magazine, by the way.) Like a lot of people, I came to his work through the film "Swimming to Cambodia," a wonderful retelling of his experiences in a small part in "The Killing Fields." As one reviewer noted, "never had so much been made of so little." And I was lucky to see him perform "Gray's Anatomy" and "It's a Slippery Slope" in person at Lincoln Center. With "And Everything Is Going Fine," Steven Soderbergh(he directed Gray in "King of the Hill" and filmed "Gray's Anatomy") stitch them together in a single autobiographical narrative with additional talks where Gray is interviewed and he interviews other people, including one where he talks with his father. Through it all, Gray proves his enormous talent in detailing the everyday experiences of people he came across. Of deeper interest is the therapeutic service the monologues may have served him as his mother's mental illness and suicide hangs over him, allowing him to explore the subject of depression which is so rarely talked about.

Michael S (au) wrote: How bad is this movie? At one point Pacino's character says "It took him 88 minutes to hack my sister to bits," and I could not stop laughing. It's a parade of awfulness: the acting, the plotting, the dialogue, the ending, Pacino's hair... even the camera angles.

Phillie E (ca) wrote: I like Jason Lee, but...

Kyle B (es) wrote: Laura Linney proves once again she is a flawless actress. Mark Ruffalo gives one of his best performances here and has an amazing screenplay

Rachael B (ca) wrote: I think I watched this movie until the VHS tape died when I was younger!

bill s (nl) wrote: Just another p thriller with a misplaced heart.

Apostolos M (it) wrote: 'The English and the Dutch have colonists, we have priests' we hear a French militia man saying in the beginning of the film set sometime in 1630s at a French outpost somewhere in Quebec, Canada. The priest who is seen walking past the militiamen and construction workers is father Laforgue (played by Lothaire Bluteau; a great performance). Laforgue is a young Jesuit sent from France to the new World to convert the Hurons and other indigenous tribes that lived once in large areas of Canada and the northern states of the US.To aid Laforgue in his mission the local French authorities ask a group of Hurons (allies of the French at the time) to accompany him until he reaches a Jesuit-controlled mission much deeper in Quebec. During the trip of the group we see past moments of the life that Laforgue left behind in France (through a number of flashbacks) before deciding to commit himself to such a task in the New World. The trip is dangerous. We learn that except the actual hardships of the trip the Hurons will try to avoid the Iroquois (at least other tribes of the Iroquois nation, since I did my homework and it appears that the Hurons were part of the great Iroquois nation) and the English who have started to become more powerful than the French in the region.Soon, however, friction begins. For the Hurons (a traditional pagan society with Shamans acting as the intermediaries with the spirits) the Christian message of Laforgue 'love your neighbor' will mean certain death to the hands of the Iroquois. Therefore, they view father Laforgue with suspicion, even hatred after a while believing that he is a demon (especially after he demonstrates to them the reading of a book, a fact that unsettles them) and they start to wonder if it is worthwhile to risk too much for a person who promises them a paradise in an afterlife after death.'Black Robe' is a very interesting film but I think it is not for everyone. To start with it is not entertaining, it is not epic. There is no 'payback' for this mission that Laforgue undertakes. Despite the idyllic scenery of the New World the trip is very hard and demanding and the eventual conflict with the Iroquois is very harsh. Laforgue, nonetheless is a brave man and perseveres. His conviction to introduce Christianity to the Hurons and convert them is too strong and gives him the courage to go on. The question is if it was worthwhile. The movie cleverly avoids taking sides on this matter. I believe this is the big question that the movie asks and there is no easy answer.

Sameema D (gb) wrote: nice movie........ salman, sanjay n madhuri really good in this movie n the songs r fantastic

Sara H (fr) wrote: I watched to observe the abuse Charlotte received from her manipulative and over controlling mother. Mrs. Vale was definitely keeping Charlotte under her thumb and not allowing her to be her authentic self. In reality, I don't think Charlotte would have gained what she did to create her own world, have relationships (her lover is married...still needs some work), and stand up to her mother. It took years to create her into the woman she was before she went to the sanatorium.

TR J (ag) wrote: This film is somewhere between the negative reviews and the glowing ones--a film with moments of gripping suspense and puzzling plot twists but also many moments of laughable action or failures of logic in the story. Seeing Jodie Foster run in slow motion down the aisle of a large airline, intense to the point of bursting, is not one of those better moments, and the director doesn't have the decency to keep this to a one-time action sequence but gives it again. Foster is a good enough actress but is too tightly wound in this one for my taste. Her young daughter is not just traumatized by recent events but comatose and completely unlikable in her performance--cute but devoid of energy. A couple of other key characters are well-played within the limits of the script, particularly the plane's captain played by Sean Bean. The penultimate scene is fairly powerful in bringing the film's action to a crescendo, but too much of the movie's action is rather repetitive, though it's intended to build suspense.

Justin T (ru) wrote: I've seen strange movies before and this is a strange movie. Yup.

Alejandro E (br) wrote: Paranoid,mathematical thriller that gave a blow of fresh air to sci-fi genre.The modest beginnings of the man who direct The black swan and The wrestler

Joshua D (de) wrote: This film isn't great but the heart-felt moments between Knightley and Carell are grand enough to make you care til the last second.