The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead

When a group of college students finds a mysterious book and recording in the old wilderness cabin they've rented for the weekend, they unwittingly unleash a demonic force from the surrounding forest.

Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Evil Dead torrent reviews

Ricardo C (ca) wrote: Had me to tears, fromBeginning to the end. It felt soReal, so close to home.

Irene S (jp) wrote: It would be an unsatisfying film, if it weren't based on a true story. The tragedy is so unbearable, you don't want to accept it as well-structured story. But it is true, and that redeems it. The performances, particularly by Browning and Stevens, are indelible.

Jillian L (nl) wrote: I haven't seen a ton of Woody Allen, but I've really enjoyed what I have seen, and this has a great cast, so I was really looking forward to this. But honestly, I wasn't really into this at all. It kind of came off like a New York I Love You/Valentine's Day type thing, but in Rome. The acting was fine, some of the storylines were interesting, but there were honestly some lines that I was rolling my eyes at. The storylines didn't mesh at all. Some seemed like they took place in one day, others over a span of a few weeks, and they just never really meshed together. Some were realistic, and others just did not make sense at all/had no rules. (Who could actually see Alec Baldwin? What was he doing? Could they all hear him? What was going on that entire time?) I will say, it didn't help that my version didn't have subtitles for the Italian parts, which was about half of the movie. So, I had a vague idea of what was going on, but I never really knew for sure. So, of all of Woody Allen's movies, skip this one.

paul m (ag) wrote: This film has the possibility of becoming a cult classic. You leave it with a feeling on empowerment.

Lynnette P (gb) wrote: Here's another good movie.

Don S (fr) wrote: This is the worst movie I've seen in many years. This is not a horror movie, as one would guess from the ads and box art. It is not scary, horrifying, thrilling, suspenseful, interesting... I could go on, but you get the point. This has no point. It is bigoted, misguided, poorly paced, poorly written and poorly acted. I should have known from the opening scene what stupidity I was in for. The only positive things I can mention are the box art being cool (though not really indicative of the movie), seeing Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs for the first time since Welcome Back Kotter, and Katherine Cunningham-Eves is quite a hottie. Watch something else. You won't regret it.

Knox M (ag) wrote: Stardust is an emotionally retarded, mentally off-kilter, and physically cheap career deviation for talented director Matthew Vaughn.

Kelly S (ag) wrote: I believe the film is set up to stand the test of time. It's a film you will catch yourself watching if it's on and remember how ground breaking it was as it lead to a spartan frenzy of shows on Stars and the History Channel. It is a stand alone that should have been left that way, but instead now has it's name tarnished by it successor that is not even worth calling a movie. 300 could arguably be Gerard Butlers launching point. Sure he had other movies before this however his role here will truly be hard to forget. As for Zack Snyder I'd say the film was his ticket to having his control on the world of DC comics. Granted the DC movies movies he's done are....questionable, however 300 displays the strengths and capabilities Snyder has as a director.

Pia R (gb) wrote: In the beginning there was one reason and the one only to watch this. Rhys Ifans. But it ended up being quite a nice story. Just a warmhearted film to watch. I did like it a lot. Miranda Otto is just so kind looking woman...

Jennie R (kr) wrote: A movie based on the life of a man who became Madame Sata. The story depicts the rage he felt and the many roles he assumed in life. It also shows a real depth to the character. His love of performance, costumes and men and yet he was rugged and a fighter. The movie is in Portugese with subtitles. An inspiring story to stay focused on your goals and never miss an opportunity.

Dhaval G (es) wrote: I like it for it blunt facts and the sarcasm which is clearly seen in its title. Beautiful movie.

Jason S (ru) wrote: i thought it was kindof funny

Rhett W (ca) wrote: 3.75. Black. Lives. Matter. And women rock.

Suanne T (ca) wrote: Very realistic - a well-written and well-acted drama.