The Ex

The Ex

When his lawyer wife, Sofia, becomes pregnant, chronic underachiever Tom Reilly must take a job at his father-in-law's advertising firm. Tom has to adjust to the demands of a very high-powered job, and he finds himself in an increasingly hostile office rivalry with Chip, Sofia's paraplegic former lover.

A slacker is forced to work for his father-in-law after his pregnant wife steps away from her high-paying job. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle H (ag) wrote: So so good. Best in this series. The ultimate Star Trek. Very well done. Original. Efx. Like a modern day original.

Frank N (it) wrote: A poorly developed script filled with cliches and poor acting. Lauter is the only one whose acting feels sincere.

Andy W (jp) wrote: Despite an interesting take on disenchanted youth, Me and You ultimately leaves me a bit indifferent because of its bland storytelling. The film is well-acted, but on a whole, the characters aren't engaging enough for me to care about. The film is a step backwards for Bertolucci, whose vision seems surprisingly lackluster.

Andrea R (kr) wrote: Not bad. Barry Otto's character was fabulous.

Tim K (kr) wrote: Very interesting look into the battle of beer.

Dean K (ca) wrote: A decent low budget indie flick made in Northern Ireland. It has some well known faces like Rachael Taylor (Transformers) and a great location, an old disused prison which genuinely looks creepy. The film has a nice idea, a virtual reality battle simulation used by the army is borrowed for a gaming session. The only problem that as well as mapping the old prison to play in the game it also picks up a ghost with revenge in mind. Considering the budget the effects are ok. It reminded me a bit of Stay alive and more recently Gamer. Overall a good effort on a low budget, the DVD has a 30 minute making of as well!

Dan M (fr) wrote: Not as bad as I've heard.

Francisco S (au) wrote: Blood Diamond had everything to shine, but instead that, Edward Zwick prefered to transform the scenes sequence in a mess, making Leonardo Dicaprio dive into a boring, predictable and cliched war movie that has nothing to add, unless an awful soundtrack to influence the audience to turning off the tv.

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Nice little character study about the darker side of love.

Mike B (it) wrote: A charming and quirky tale. Exellent performances, and a must-watch in the genre.

Asif K (ag) wrote: the only Indian movie i have seen more than like 50 times :P i am not kidding.REVIEW COMING SOON

James C (de) wrote: As a historical biography of Billie Holiday, it's actually quite flawed. But as a showcase of Diana Ross, made at the time when she became a solo artress after leaving the Supremes, she acquits herself well. In fact, it is the performance of her career. Though she is called Billie Holiday and sings Billie Holiday songs, it is to the director Furie's credit and producer Gordy's, that she did everything her own way and really did not imitate Holiday at all. For me, this makes up other flaws the narrative does have, such as white man Callahan getting her drugged up for no real reason or Billy Dee Williams being so flawless and perfect. However, his love scenes with Ross were believable and her harrowing drug withdrawal scenes inspire horror and pity at the same time. Extra acting bonuses here are a very good and restrained Richard Pryor and a very funny Scatman Crothers as a John at the very beginning. There is a hanging scene to the tune of "Strange Fruit" that stayed with me for a long time.

Nicolas K (ca) wrote: A pleasant surprise. A thriller with more than one twists. Tilda Swinton is a delight to watch.

Matt M (nl) wrote: James Stewart + trains + bandits = a great western.

Jeremiah L (us) wrote: Short and sweet gangster flick.