The Exchange

The Exchange

A family man becomes obsessed with looking at his own life out of context.

A family man becomes obsessed with looking at his own life out of context. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo C (it) wrote: most boring movie I've ever seen. don't understand how people think this is a good movie

David B (ca) wrote: Very entertaining film. I had some issues with the plot in re to the really good girl Casey played by Caitlin Thompson joining a prostitution scheme. The plot in re to this moves way too fast in my view. But still a decent film as a social commentary. The film does show what can happen when parents do not know what is going on in their kid's lives. The plot is basically predictable, but does have a few high points. There are no real great performances here, but Thompson turns in a good performance as Casey. The film is worth seeing as a pure social commentary on what is going on in many public high schools.

Thaher U (jp) wrote: Bakwas movie... Boring story.On a plus I can use the disc as a coaster!

WS W (fr) wrote: Grossly graphic torturing scenes. I wonder how much, if, Michael Haneke's projects have inspired Simon Hynd's this debut feature which is already satisfactorily decent although lacks of Haneke's relatively subtle but powerful impact delivers.

Miguel A (es) wrote: Documentrio bastante generoso sobre um realizador que s muito raramente aceita falar sobre o seu trabalho e processo. Grande parte do documentrio incide no Lost Highway? e Eraserhead?. O mais impressionante ser ver como o David Lynch transformou o Bill Pullman num actor interessante, durante as filmagens do Lost Highway?. S um grande manipulador conseguiria tal coisa com um canastro daqueles

Anastasia (br) wrote: Remake, don't like Jane (11, 12, 14, June 2015) ABC Family

Ahmed S (ru) wrote: Cheesy, childish and ultimately very very boring!!

Colleen H (jp) wrote: My Hubby n I absolutely Love this Movie!! When company come over" Mordi" We laff Our Bumm's OFF!!!

Ayat M (ag) wrote: Where did Aronofsky get all this madness from?! No one ever knows when or where they're going to hit rock-bottom. No one knows whether they're going to get to a breaking point or not. This movie left me with dreading these moments; i don't want to be in these people's shoes EVER! especially Sara Goldfarb, though i don't seem too far away from where she started her down-the-hill journey.. I pray i never reach the same destination she ended up at.

Cathy C (mx) wrote: This amazing comedy has got brilliant animation,catchy songs,clever story,and great characters. Rio is a musical classic worthy enough to be famous. Review by Logan Cornn.

David S (gb) wrote: One of the weaker one in my opinion, Saw 6 focuses on the development of Detective Hoffman. Not as exciting as past films, the traps in Saw 6 are pretty underwhelming aside from the carousel. I honestly don't remember much besides the Hoffman side of things which is what you primarily will focus on. The actual game during the movie takes its own course and is pretty weak if you ask me.

william b (mx) wrote: is the world ok for us.

Cody B (kr) wrote: Missed connection Western that ties up pretty neatly. I liked it alright, definitely has that Western vibe. Almost realistic.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 10/23/2010)