The Exhibitionist Files

The Exhibitionist Files

A young and attractive psychologist is undertaking a study on voyeurism, a style of life she knows little. This research will bring in close contact with the participants of her meetings ...

A young and attractive psychologist is undertaking a study on voyeurism, a style of life she knows little. This research will bring in close contact with the participants of her meetings ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noelle B (it) wrote: This movie is hilarious, but in a more "real life" way than Vaughn's other comedies. It is a hyperbole of what could be a real friendship dilemma. It is a favorite of my husband and I.

Joseph C (ca) wrote: A horrible dark humoured film with some good laughs from the script as well as actors.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: This brings back the horror of 7th July 2005 when London suffered terrorist attacks on its transport system. Brenda Blethyn is excellent as the woman who is desperate to find her missing daughter and she befriends a man also searching for his child. It is relentlessly grim with frequent scenes of real news coverage from that awful day.

Michael M (gb) wrote: Made it through about a half an hour of this and realized that was enough to turn it off. No thanks.

bill s (es) wrote: This movie BORED me to tears....melodramatic mess.

Brian B (jp) wrote: Many people may disagree with this but in my opinion, this is one of the best war films ever made. Sure, it's not a masterpiece but in my opinion, it's very close to being one. This movie is a highly well-done experience.123 U.S. soldiers are dropped into Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and they find themselves in a desperate battle with a large number of heavily-armed Somalis.Ridley Scott has created one of the most realistic war movies ever. I actually felt that I was in the middle of the war-zone as it was going on. Because of how much it felt like the actual story, the movie creates a high amount of tension and it makes the viewer realize what exactly went on when the real event happened. The movie does an especially superb job on this because of the realistic environments, shots, and acting.The score is fantastic. When certain scenes happen, it draws emotions out of us. Unlike a lot of movies, Black Hawk Down's score works with the movie. This means that without the music when a certain character dies off or when another important scene happens, it will have an impact on you regardless. But the score makes that feeling you had more massive.Many people dislike the fact that this movie didn't have much character development. It is true that it's light on it but this film isn't focused on developing the characters, nor does it have to. It's completely dedicated to providing us with a first-person perspective of being in the middle of combat.This movie does have a lot of suspense but it can be a bit mundane getting to the good parts. The opening is quite overlong and dry. It is full of military jargon and diagrams. But despite this, this movie is definitely worth seeing. After the opening is over, you're in for a big treat.So in conclusion, this is a truly outstanding movie. Even though the opening is slow, this movie will impress you because of how realistic it is. It has realistic environments, shots, and acting. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest war films ever made.

Erika R (jp) wrote: wonderful performances all around. The whole TLE thing- the acting by Tim Roth is just stunning. I like Renee a little better now, but not that much. It reminded me a bit of the Usual Suspects and Fracture. But...It's really good. I recommend it.

Scott B (jp) wrote: Quite bizarre neo-noir from Altman protege Alan Rudolph.

Pete W (it) wrote: Is it cool to like or dislike Carry On films? Frankly I don't care - I love about ten of them and this is my favourite. If I'm ever feeling down then I'll pick this up and watch it to make me feel better.

Sandy C (gb) wrote: it at least held my attention all the way through. classic western but who were those actors?

Luiserghio M (us) wrote: Viva Zapata! presenta varias cosas interesantes sobre la historia de la revolucion mexicana, pero parece como si el guion solo presentara grandes razgos de los hechos sin ningun tipo de profundidad por las ideologias que dictaban los movimientos, o un escudrinio de las razones de los eventos, o un analisis a fonde del personaje si este era el fin, el guion termina siendo soso. La pelicula es entretenida como un cierto tipo de western. Brando es Zapata y pone muy buenas cualidades en ese personaje, a pesar que Brando no parece mexicano, se las arregla para que esto no sea un obstaculo y es creible, es agradable verlo en escena con una actitud de macho, diferente a otros papeles. Anthony Quinn tambien es muy agradable de ver en esta pelicula.

Corey R (br) wrote: Good movie, but the lead actor drove me nuts. Guess he played his role well, but good grief. Liked the overall movie though