The Exorcist

The Exorcist

12-year-old Regan MacNeil begins to adapt an explicit new personality as strange events befall the local area of Georgetown. Her mother becomes torn between science and superstition in a desperate bid to save her daughter, and ultimately turns to her last hope: Father Damien Karras, a troubled priest who is struggling with his own faith.

When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian M (es) wrote: What I beautiful and fun movie for the family, or just anyone! I enjoyed this more than the Harry Potter movies in many ways! I found Eddie's acting a bit irritating in some parts, but other than that bloody brilliant!

Henrysmovieguide C (fr) wrote: This movie was only pretty good. There were some dumb and weird parts, definitely. The effects were good, though.

KK O (ru) wrote: Cute and quirky. Expect Brit-style dry and dark humor but with a light feel. Not uproarious but certainly enjoyable.

Seth U (kr) wrote: A beautifully crafted piece about Norwegian Black Metal and the impact on the rest of black metal culture. Shows the darkside of Black Metal and what a true musician in Black Metal looked like in the early 90's.

Tangerine Y (kr) wrote: I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN.

Jenna (kr) wrote: Better than I expected.

Robyn M (es) wrote: What just happened is Today's Hollywood in a Nutshell.Robert De Niro has proven time again that he can step into any role and play the shoes of any odd ball character. The movie scratched the surface with a birdeyes view look into what Hollywoods Unglamous lifestyle has become Money, greed and being sucessful has a price for the audience we get a taste of just that.

Thomas B (es) wrote: There's very little to like or laugh at in this "comedy." Full review later.

Jason T (ca) wrote: a horror movie that spoofs horror movies. worth it, if only for the fake Irish accent of William Forsythe.

Lilly M (br) wrote: well, i think we all know that Taryn is like the most underrated celebrity ever...and that my opinion of her is kinda biased :P. anyway, i honestly thought it was a pretty good movie, and had a good storyline.

John T (nl) wrote: I liked this one. Dominique Swain and Mischa Barton are young teens who get caught up in the drug/thug life.

shawana h (mx) wrote: Titanic is a romance movie about two people, Jack and Rose who fall in love aboard the Titanic, a ship sailing to America in the year 1912. Jack is a poor man and Rose is a rich woman who is set to marry a man named Cal who is also rich by inheritance. Jack sees that Rose is not happy with Cal and he tries to free her and the two ends up falling in love after he saves her from wanting to jump off the back of the Titanic. Rose's mother, Ruth, doesn't approve of the two ( Jack and Rose ) being together, mainly for two reason, one, Jack is poor and two Cal is set to marry Rose so that they will stay rich. Well, the two try their best to break away from Ruth and Cal; however, the Titanic hits an iceberg and ends up sinking. Jack has been falsely accused of stealing a very expensive diamond necklace and is handcuffed to a pipe in the bottom of the ship. Rose, instead of going on a lifeboat to safety, goes to rescue Jack. They both end up missing all the life boats. The ship sink and Jack finds the head board of a bed and puts Rose on it while they wait on the life boats to come back. hours later, after Rose wake up Jack is frozen and everyone else that was in the water. Rose tries to woke Jack up, but she couldn't do she kisses him hand and says,' she will never let go' and Jack sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after, rescue boats appear and Rose is saved.

Jamie C (us) wrote: One of my favorite Jim Carrey films ever, It's silly but it works, A good story and even though kids will like it, It's something they shouldn't watch as there is alot of adult humour.

Eric R (nl) wrote: I can admit I didn't expect a good film with the title "Star Knight" but the cast which includes Harvey Keitel and Klaus Kinski always intrigued me. How bad could it be starring these two acting giants? Well if the actors are only in the film for a paycheck then the film can be real, real bad! Star Knight to my surprise is actually a Spanish film that somehow, God only knows, got a theatrical release in America back in 1986. The film however didn't get a VHS release until 1992 and I remember the video box cover always popping in the previously viewed section of every video store I went to . After viewing the DVD (which now has an awful Photoshop cover artwork) I can see why all those video stores were so eager to get rid of their copies!Our film opens with Kinski, playing an alchemist, praying to have an angel sent down from the skies. Low and behold, a space craft appears and lands in a local lake. Soon animals start being carried off into the sky and the locals believe it to be a dragon! Our bitch princess in the mean time decides to go skinny dipping in the lake and disappears! She reappears with story of a "knight" whom she has fallen in love with. She travels back to the spacecraft to meet him again but jealous knight Harvey Keitel has different plans and challenges our "Star Knight" to a duel for our ladies hand in marriage. The rest is predictable.To my surprise the worst part of the film is actually Harvey Keitel. I thought he would be the rock holding this disaster together but he actually makes the film..shutter...worse! His acting is beyond awful and spouts his medieval dialogue with what seems like a smirk on his face. Is this because he knows how silly the concept is and only has to hold his laughs back enough to get his paycheck? Kinski on the other hand is acceptable other than his voice is annoyingly dubbed over.Another problem is our "star knight" who just comes off unintentionally funny with his silly domed helmet. The name of our "star knight " is IX and his portrayed by Miguel Bos who apparently was a popular singer in Spain at the time. His look reminds me of singer/actor Sting and anything that makes a connection to Sting is never good! His character also only speaks to our princess in high pitched whirl sounds reminiscent of rubbing your finger around the rim of a crystal glass. Believe me this gets really ANNOYING really FAST. Because he doesn't talk his character development between him and the princess is non-existent. Am I really supposed to believe their love for each other is strong enough for him to die for her? Believe me, Starman this isn't! For the life of me I can't figure out why he loves the princess so much as she is a real bitch to him. She's constantly bitching about his helmet and even at one moment scolds him for touching her with that awful armor. Towards the end of the film when Keitel arrives to challenge him, the princess even starts bitching to IX that he needs to prove his love for her by going out and killing Keitel. IX, you need to dump this bitch now! My how love is blind sometimes....Star Knight tries to mix medieval romance and science fiction and but it falls right on its dome covered face. The character development is none-existent and the audience feels no love connection between our space freak and our bitchy princess. Keitel is awful in his paycheck role and director Fernando Colomo seems unconfident with the material, like he doesn't know if to play it straight or make it more tongue-in-cheek. The result is nothing more than a bore and I still can't believe this film garnered a theatrical release in the States. I have made it a goal that before I die I want to get Harvey Keitel to sign my DVD copy. I have a feeling the look on his face will be priceless!Bonus Rant: The plot convenience of how Keitel learned how to remove IX's armor suit is the sloppiest writing in the film. When taking Kinski to jail, Keitel finds a crystal orb that when touched, just happens to show a visual image on how to remove IX's suit. Wha...WHAT! Why would IX give Kinski an orb that gives an image on how to remove his suit! The only point is PLOT CONVENIENCE! And when Keitel is able to make IX's suit disappear, it then sudden appears on Keitel in a split second! This makes no fucking sense!

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: A movie which no one remembers but us film junkies. Not very funny nor good but hey it had midgets !

David B (es) wrote: Fonda's performance is staggering. She was a force.

Jacob D (mx) wrote: Mabey Mel's funniest movie but not his best but a close second.

Krystal H (kr) wrote: This is a great movie to curl up to and gives you all of those warm fuzzy feelings look for in a romantic comedy.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Moore's schtick is getting old. Some good ideas here, but he's stretched the truth so much over the years that it's hard to believe everything he says. Plus, he's already visited this turf in previous films - nothing new or particularly hard-hitting here.

Elian D (ru) wrote: Not even close to terror, this version is a bit slow, but it is probably the best reimaging I've seen of this tale. The script is solid, there's good acting for the most part, but the direction is a bit lacking.. Certainly a lot better than both 2012 versions.By the way... ---SPOILER AHEAD---Snow White deserves something bad and the poor crazy witch should've had a happy ending... This was unfair :-p