The Exploding Girl

The Exploding Girl

On a summer break from college, Ivy, a young epileptic woman, struggles to balance her feelings for her fledgling boyfriend while her friend Al crashes with her for the season.

On a summer break from college, a young epileptic woman struggles to balance her feelings for her fledgling boyfriend while her friend Al crashes with her for the season. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren D (nl) wrote: SHE-AYE-T. below standard slasher. dont waste your time.

roger t (it) wrote: aka (something rotten in jutland) add one mysterious femme, an odd mix of local characters, a reoccurring nighttime pram stroll, disappearing bodies....and you get one interesting dramatic danish delight. p.s.: you won't have to scrape away the boggy muck to see the coenesque fingerprints all over this one.

scott g (ru) wrote: at first i thought this was a sequel to interesting indie animal factory, god knows why, and im sure i havent seen animal, or heard of it, but anywayt, this wasent very good or interesting, a dull prison drama and predictable plot involving a set up outside the prison to get inmate to agree to things, not very good

Collin H (jp) wrote: Leisurely, understated, sometimes humorous, and very real-feeling assessment on the differing ways that people deal with lingering grief. Despite its unsentimental approach, the film is surprisingly uplifting. Kidman and Eckhart are both extremely good here...Kidman in particular fleshes out a not always sympathetic character with a naturalistic expertise.

Dane P (fr) wrote: Charming stop motion and dark imagrey make this a very unique film its a must see

Matthew B (kr) wrote: The most accurate portrayl of Gein on film. Offers perspective on the man who inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a bunch of less notable films.More Bio-pic than horror film.

Scott M (gb) wrote: A puzzle from the start. I had to watch this movie 3 times to understand it and of course because I enjoyed it so much. One of my all time favorites.

Greg W (us) wrote: one of my fave robert altman flicks

Nancy D (es) wrote: What's NOT to love?!? If you can't love Doug the Dog, you need a heart transplant. It may be Disney/Pixar, but the story has surprising depth. Have the Kleenex handy for the tears at both ends of the emotional spectrum.

Alex K (jp) wrote: Awful, awful, awful, just awful. Not only is this movie badly acted, poorly shot, and ridiculous in every single way, but it isn't scary in the least. The plot is... meh. The acting is... ARGH!! The acting is what makes this movie scary. It's about as bad as bad can get. What's worse is this movie has a decent budgetso there's no excuse for the actors to seem like this is the fist time they've ever read a script in their lives. The gore is another awful bit because a lot of it is CG. I don't need to be the one to point out how distracting, and annoying, CGI gore is. This movie is an awful addition to the horror genre. Stay away if you know what's good for you.

Jarn Y (ag) wrote: good boxing movie and good errol flynn movie. if you're a fan of either, or just good old movies, see it

Levonne P (it) wrote: There is great action and suspenxe in this movie, not to mention a twosome of actors, that fit together like hands in gloves. Connery and Zeta-Jones, are fabulous. Got to see it!

Christian P (gb) wrote: No prequel/sequel will ever equal The Exorcist, but The Exorcist: The Beginning deserves more praise than it has received. Of the four prequels/sequels to The Exorcist, this is the best. (How The Exorcist II: The Heretic manages a tomato rating of 22% escapes me--that's the most boring movie I've ever seen.) While it would have been easy to just rehash the original by having young Father Merrin called in to exorcise a demon from another child, TE:TB has the more ambitious plot of Merrin, fallen priest and archeologist, investigating a mysterious church uncovered in Africa. The atmosphere grows in intensity and creepiness as the plot progresses toward (admittedly) a disappointing climax. As Merrin, Stellan Skarsgrd does an excellent job of developing a man torn between the Nazi atrocity that made him believe God doesn't exist and the supernatural horror that forces him to reexamine his beliefs.

Harry W (kr) wrote: With only the lowest possible expectations, I went into The Transporter Refuelled with only a modicum of hope for some decent action scenes.Everything about The Transporter Refuelled screams that it is going to be a bad film. It is the fourth in a series of fairly basic action films written by Luc Besson, the man known as being the most Hollywood of all French filmmakers. There wasn't anything particularly remarkable about the series while The Transporter 3 (2008) was a low point for the series due to a decrease in the quality of action and a continuous descent into generic storytelling, and yet people chose to continue it with Transporter: The Series (2012-2014) to an even lesser result. It should have been by this point that it was figured the franchise had ran its course, but no. Yet the biggest insult is that someone decided to continue the film series after Jason Statham left the series. The only reason that The Transporter films are worth seeing at all is to see Jason Statham in his action hero-defining role as Frank Martin. And if it wasn't already clear from when the character was recast in Transporter: The Series, you cannot continue the story of Frank Martin without Jason Statham. But someone went ahead and did it anyway, therefore taking away the one thing that could have made the film watchable. As a result there was clearly no hope for the film, a prophecy which it would ultimately fulfil on every level.Having written a thesis on Luc Besson in 2015, I'm extensively affiliated with the best and worst of the filmmaker. I've seen the most generic and derivative action films he has to offer, including Colombiana (2011) and Lockout (2012). The Transporter Refuelled actually sinks below some of the lowest standards for material that he has offered as a filmmaker. He didn't direct it so the blame cannot be solely attributed to him, but returning to his role as the writer-producer of the film we can agree that it is definitely his creation. It's his role in the film that makes it so bad because he is the reason it exists in the first place and comes with such a generic story. I completely forget during the majority of the feature that I was watching a Transporter because it was so plainly generic with nothing remarkable about the story whatsoever. There is so little relevance to Frank Martin as The Transporter this time around since there is more focus on his father being kidnapped by a gang of prostitutes so that he may do their bidding. Of course there is nothing convincing about this, and the only reason that the story arc exists in the first place is because that way the director can sneak rather scantily clad women into the film and say it's part of the story. And when one of these women executes the man attempting to kill Frank Martin at the end of the film, it is a climactic mirror of the ending to the first Transporter. It's pathetically thin-veiled, and tolerating a story so utterly simplistic leave audiences to cry out in hope of finding some kind of value in the action scenes. But I cannot say that any kind of impact was made whatsoever.It's clear from the first fight scene and first chase scene that the entire film is just going through the motions with the stunts. We've seen the exact same fight and chase scenes countless times before inside and outside of the Transporter universe, and the effect is no longer as refreshing as it once was. The film doesn't even try to be innovative as the scenery is as repetitive and familiar as the simplistic stunt choreography and visual style used to capture it. We don't see any new capabilities from Frank Martin or get reminded why we loved his old ones in the first place. Director Camille Delamarre has clearly taken a step down after the already mediocre Brick Mansions (2014) because he has no idea how to craft any fun with the action in The Transporter Refuelled. Given that he was the editor on Colombiana, Transporter 3 and Taken 2 (2012) which were all notorious for their poor editing in the action scenes, it's no surprise that he once again fails to visualize any impressive action in The Transporter Refuelled. The cinematography and editing has certainly improved this time which is probably because the man had no direct involvement with such duties, but it's the actual staging of stunts which he cannot find any creativity in. The most high-profile action scene he implements is an airport runway chase scene which seems like little more than a low-budget knockoff of the same scene in Furious 6 (2013). It's just clear that the excessively formulaic nature of The Transporter Refuelled that even the action scenes cannot offer anything slightly refreshing, making it one of the most forgettable Luc Besson productions to date.Lead actor Ed Skrein was never right for the role of Frank Martin. Nobody can ever play the character anything like Jason Statham, and Ed Skrein is far too different from him to capture the same feel. While he has his own sense of sophistication, there is no gritty or intimidating edge to the character which makes him seem more like a half-assed imitation of Jude Law than an action hero. The man has successfully proved that he is a capable actor through his portrayal of Francis Freeman / Ajax in Deadpool (2016), but The Transporter Refuelled does not highlight the same talents. It's not really his fault because he is stranded in a one-dimensional role that he never should have been cast in, but he proved edgier as a villain in Deadpool than as a hero in The Transporter Refuelled which just shows that he could have done it but didn't. Ed Skrein has no place in the role of Frank Martin and delivers such a half-assed effort that even his martial arts abilities make no kind of impact whatsoever, certifying as the final nail on the coffin that the film works on no conceivable levelIf not one of the worst film's I've ever seen, The Transporter Refuelled is one of the most forgettable and formulaic of all films to feature Luc Besson due to a pathetic story more generic than in its preceding films, cheap action scenes and a lack of Jason Statham.