The Express

The Express

Based on the incredible true story, The Express follows the inspirational life of college football hero Ernie Davis, the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.

The film centers on the relationship between a gifted African-American athlete and his coach at Syracuse University, Ben Schwartzwalder. What did they do to win the Heisman Trophy? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian T (kr) wrote: A thoroughly generic PG-13 horror movie. Offers nothing out of the ordinary in anyway whatsoever. It's pretty much 'The Blair Witch Project' in space but without any character development, scares, originality, or deviation from formula. The biggest reason that this isn't a good movie is that the story itself isn't very good. The whole 'aliens on the moon' thing is just silly. It is much more effective when it focuses on the characters simply being stranded in space. That is unsettling enough, and doesn't need any sort of contrived and juvenile rock-monsters plot to make it better. In an interesting twist, both too much and not enough are explained to the viewer, making me wonder if even the studio knew where to go with this.Does offer a couple interesting ideas, such as the abandoned Russian mission. I think the film makers really overlooked the most interesting and effective parts of their own story. The found footage angle is starting to become a crutch more than anything else, and this is a perfect example. Uninspired technical direction and cinematography match the uninspired story.The actors are serviceable. Their characters are seriously one dimensional, but the cast does all they can. The creatures are ok, considering you don't see them much, but they look plagiarizingly similar to the facehuggers of the 'Alien' franchise. When looking at it as a whole, 'Apollo 18' just isn't anything special whatsoever. It doesn't fall on its face, but it certainly trips all over itself. It does manage to maintain some mystery throughout which makes it a marginally entertaining watch, but it isn't anything other than mediocre.

Kiseon P (us) wrote: Smart writing, great performances, and perfect pacing, Source Code is a film that is way better then it has any right to be, and that credit goes to the director, Duncan Jones.

Jebus C (br) wrote: One of Moore's most disappointing and least ambitious documentary projects. What he actually did; tour the USA campaigning for young people to vote in the 2004 Presidential Election, was quite astounding. But the way the documentary is presented is slapdash and only has moments of genuine entertainment. Something Moore's documentaries have in spades usually. However proceedings are very nearly saved by the late appearance of Roseanne Barr whose fake Pro-Republican speech in Florida is hilarious. Which leads me to the conclusion; this film was saved by the presence of Roseanne Barr. Something I have never typed before and likely to never type again.

Megan H (de) wrote: i liked it it shows what can happen with global warming and it is a follow on from category 6 day of destruction

Daylon T (es) wrote: Watched in class was very intreseting

Anna J (ag) wrote: I love the always romantic Cinderella movies. I certainly like Ella Enchanted because its different from the other Cinderella movies.

Al H (it) wrote: In this film Gyllenhaal and Spader are a couple provocative and intense.

Jeffrey M (au) wrote: Never quite reaching its' full potential, Little Odessa still stands as a testament as to the underrated abilities of Tim Roth, while also offering a dark, more realistic look into the mob world than most films.

August C (kr) wrote: bad sequel to a bad original.

Arun G (us) wrote: A precursor to modern zombie thrillers, starring Canadian porn actress Marilyn Chambers!!!

Dave J (de) wrote: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 (1969) The Night Of The Following Day THRILLER Marlon Brando and gang intercept and then kidnap wealthy heiress using her as bait to blackmail a specific amount of money from her wealthy father, and instead of working together some are backstabbers or turn against one another with the Brando character being the most sincere character of the group. Despite great performances the end of the movie totally convolutes the entire film. And as a result of the ending I wanted make some sense out of it by listening to the director himself, but the thing is upon listening to him I can barely understand anything he's saying since he's older and speaking in raspy tones therefore, the 'director commentary' needs subtitles since I can't understand what he's talking about as he's talking through it. 2 out of 4 stars

Amanda M (it) wrote: I didn't really care for most of the movie. However, the Champions were excellent and I loved the choreography. Very beautiful!

Nicole M (us) wrote: This is a great movie if you're looking for 82 minutes of poor, lazy writing and half-assed direction that gets progressively worse. At least some of the people were attractive.