The Faithful and the Foul

The Faithful and the Foul


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The Faithful and the Foul torrent reviews

Bu A (ag) wrote: I had aways imagined how the last days of Jonestown might have transpired. The is an excellent vision of those events. Doesn't really develop any emotional connections. Maybe plays better that way. The death scene is grotesque.

Keven S (ag) wrote: What can I say - it's got the lovely Aneurin Barnard (Melchior from the West End production of Spring Awakening) and the fabulous Minnie Driver. :-)

Nicholas L (it) wrote: The absolutely worst movie I have ever seen.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Only liked it because of the chicks assets and gore!

Jonathan K (fr) wrote: I had trouble caring for any of these characters. Also, the camera work is intentionally terrible, which works towards the directors point, but was also distracting to me.

Spencer F (ca) wrote: Papale's at the 50.....the 40.....the 30.....the 20.....he's at the 10.....number 83 Vince Papale of the Philadelphia Eagles!!!

Manda B (kr) wrote: Was fooled into watching it.... Do not like Steven Segal.... Very Predictable

Adam A (jp) wrote: There is no doubt that the traps are cleverly put together as they relate to the characters lessons. They don't dissapoint on the gore either because face it that's what we are here for after the beginning. Apart from that, "SAW VI" take their usual routine of tying loose ends together while inadvertently creating new ones...and hopefully, turn these building blocks to a nervewrecking climax the franchise need. Let the game...continue.

Colton D (kr) wrote: An intense film with great performances (especially Washington's) that can seem a bit over the top, but is still entertaining as hell.