The Fall of Berlin

The Fall of Berlin

Surrounded by a few party officials, Alexei Ivanov, a stakhanovist smelter, is decorated by Stalin. The "Little Father of the Peoples" takes this opportunity to invoke threats of war.... ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chayc (gb) wrote: I'm not quite sure that i got it. It keeps you guessing and I did enjoy watching it.

ScubaSteve Walter M (fr) wrote: Don't get the movie wrong, he's not the typical killer, killer in another metaphorical form or just a subtext of a killer. Not quite sure what Simon really is or what I said is correct but this is an interesting piece to watch. In fact, it frightens me or most men would be. In a nutshell, Simon represents most men in some ways. He deceives women, fills his sexual needs, asks women for financial support and emotionally unstable to handle a real relationship that makes him move from one girl to another. The film tries to see his character as some sort of disease, but it's not. Some men are just made that way. LOL.

Cana B (fr) wrote: Absolutely loved Avalon High. It had action, it had drama, it had romance and it had mild humor along with spot-on knowledge of the King Arthur story. Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson were perfect for the two lead roles. One question: will there be a sequel?

Maridia B (br) wrote: If the director is a ONE-TIME child star, it's an issue. Plus, they totally shredded the plot of the first, cobbled up the remaining pieces, and created this Frankenstein thing.

Betty Y (br) wrote: a continuation of the first

Scott R (jp) wrote: Compelling drama focusing on one's word vs another's.