The Fallen Sparrow

The Fallen Sparrow

A former Spanish Civil War prisoner, John McKittrick arrives in New York to find the truth behind the death of his friend Louie Lepetino. Based on the popular Dorothy B. Hughes best seller.

In 1940, a former prisoner is determined to find the killer of the New York Police Lt. who helped him escape from a Nazi torture camp in Spain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Fallen Sparrow torrent reviews

Alex R (jp) wrote: Pretty decent gory movie....even some pole dancing!!!

Panapa W (de) wrote: This one looks good:)

Keith P (au) wrote: As seen on Telefutura, this was clearly a mindless TV-movie w/ high disregard for historical facts & displays a small variety of mummy monsters. At least watch the scenes that show any giants. You're likelier to chuckle than be awe-struck.

Chris D (ag) wrote: Wonderful warm film with characters who warm your very soul. Fantastic camerawork but this is not for action fans or high drama as this IMHO is real cinema!

Mad M (nl) wrote: Off the beaten path. The characters are interesting and the performances are great. The story is a bit underwhelming.

Mark K (es) wrote: so unbelievably pointless

Zack T (us) wrote: This is Cronenberg. oozing full of surrealism, giant bugs, and Peter Weller too. A great film. Not for someone with a weak stomach

Iy D (de) wrote: Great movie and still timeless!!

Peter T (gb) wrote: not slow but a pathetic action movie .

Jill R (ag) wrote: Horrible acting! Hate when they change so much stuff from the book.