The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife

Successful middle-aged farmer Samuel Sweetland (Jameson Thomas) becomes widowed, then his daughter marries and leaves home. Deciding he wishes to remarry, Sweetland pursues some local women he considers prospects, not realizing his devoted housekeeper Minta (Lillian Hall-Davis) is in love with him and would make the perfect mate.

After his daughter weds, a middle-aged widower with a profitable farm decides to remarry but finds choosing a suitable mate a problematic process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gray E (kr) wrote: Thus movie is the perfect companion piece to "Anvil" only the other end of the success spectrum. A great film about three really likeable chaps who happen to make excellent music.

Johnathan Z (jp) wrote: least it's not Roderick Rules

Stu (it) wrote: The only reason its this low is because two guys looked the same to me. I thought I knew what was going on for a while, then I realized I got the people mixed up.

Manon M (gb) wrote: Oh boy... this is definitely one of those films that still makes me cry like a baby everytime I see it. Well, I am already a very emotional and impulsive person so you can image what films like this one do with people like me. Basically, this film is nothing groundbreaking and at times extremely corny but it's very moving anyway. Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott are acting very well together, tho the portrayal of Roberts' character is a bit weird. The films contains some very intimate moments that are absolutely touching and easy to connect to. I don't know how it is with you, but I always find it impossible to hold back the tears...

Senor C (fr) wrote: I had originally seen Price of the City back when it was being played on HBO in about 83 & I remembered nothing from it other then it had Treat Williams in it. My young mind wouldn't have fully appreciated it anyways. Only later in life did I start to discover some real gems of film by Sidney Lumet & of what Ive seen I would put this 2nd only to Serpico. It's another great look @ police corruption. Originally flopping @ the show & never really find an audience since no matter how it tries. It may be because of length but I though it clipped right along most because Treat Williams is so excellent in this. Invest some time; it's well worth it

Alan W (fr) wrote: This is a great adventure movie about JFK

Ray D (ca) wrote: An evil brain from outer space with glowing eyes falls to earth, and, using its ability to possess other living things, first takes over a dog and then a scientist (played by John Agar, who in an excellent example of a B-Actor suffering for his art, nearly went blind from the metallic eye makeup that was applied to give him the 'possessed by an evil brain from outer space' look that all the kids are so impressed by in their f/x). Anyway, the evil brain has SOME kind of plan to take over the world, but it's all a bit silly and basically an excuse for John Agar to overact and gloat about things like shooting down airplanes with telepathy, etc. The best part of the movie is the twist where a GOOD brain from outer space with glowing eyes turns up, explaining that he's the floating-brain equivalent of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and helps our intrepid humans foil the evil brain's plot and get John Agar back.Probably one of the best of the '50's monster pictures.

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Robbie N (br) wrote: As much as I hate to admit it, I have never seen the Muppets movie that was released in 2011. It seems that anyone who has seen the predecessor is annoyed that this movie is not up to the same standards. From a completely neutral point of view, this movie is incredibly entertaining. It possesses a large amount of charm and wit, with a whole lot of celebrity cameos top please adults as well as children. The songs within are legendarily catchy, and the three main human characters are both colourful and well performed, especially Ricky Gervais and his song about being number two. One of the most entertaining films of 2014, and a stellar addition to the Muppets canon, with plenty of humour and catchy songs galore.

John T (ru) wrote: Riveting account of the chaotic events that occurred following Presient Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. Named for the hospital where Kennedy was taken, Parkland weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances: the doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital; Dallas's chief of the Secret Service; an unwitting cameraman who captured what became the most famous home movie in history; the FBI agents who were visited by Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting; Oswald's brother and mother; and JFK's political and security team, witnesses to both the president's death and the makeshift inauguration of Lyndon Johnson.By looking at the tragedy from a number of different viewpoints, Parkland effectively conveys the confusion and horror that surrounded Kennedy's killing. We can see how unprepared everyone in Dallas was that day, and how they all struggled to grasp the devastating implications of it. The pacing, especially in the first half hour, is tight, creating a palpable sense of the bombshell that just hit. The most interesting sections focus on the Secret Service agents, one of whom comments that they're the first in their job ever to lose a president, and on Abraham Zapruder who filmed the assassination on his home camera. Outstandingly portrayed by Giamatti, the Zapruder we see here despises the fact that he filmed the killing. While he cooperates with authorities, he's well aware that the images captured by his camera will be seen by the public, and that deeply troubles him. The first-rate cast includes James Badge Dale (as Robert Oswald), Marcia Gay Harden (as a head nurse), Billy Bob Thornton (as a Secret Service officer), Ron Livingstone (as an FBI agent haunted by the fear that he may have inadvertently dismissed the threat posed by Oswald), Paul Giamatti (as Abraham Zapruder), Zac Efron (as a young trauma doctor), Jacki Weaver (as Oswald's mother), Tom Welling, Jeremy Strong, Jackie Earle Hayley, Gary Clarke, and Kat Steffens (as a poignantly affecting Jacqueline Kennedy). Each character has their moment to shine and Landesman manages to get some of the best performances from his cast in the moments that highlight the confusion and uncertainty that everyone was feeling on that day. An example of this is the chaotic scene in the operating room where Nurse Nelson is the first to take charge and get the team moving. The situation is highlighted by the fact that the Secret Service, F.B.I. agents and government officials all want to be in the operating room. Also, the frenetic attempts to get Kennedy's coffin aboard Air Force One and the struggle to remove seats so the coffin did not have to be transported in the cargo hold.Of all the characters in the film, it is Paul Giamatti's portrayal of Abraham Zapruder who is the fastest to recognize the enormity of the event. He knows right away that he has filmed the death of a President and is instantly aware that his film footage will change the fortunes of his family forever. This is brought home by Zapruder's reluctance to hand over a copy of the film to Life Magazine only after they agreed that they would not publish the kill shot. Later he remarks that he wished he had never shot the footage. Parkland shows the extent that Zapruder and the head of the Dallas Secret Service, played by well Billy Bob Thornton, went to have the film developed. The reflectionon Zapruder's eyeglasses as he watches the assassination for the first time is memorable. Parkland includes an angle not commonly explored in other films about Kennedy's assassination: the reaction by Oswald's family after the shooting, particularly his brother. This is emphasized by a Dallas police officer advising Robert Oswald, well portrayed by James Badge Dale, to leave Texas with the rest of his family and change his name, implying that they would not be safe if they remained in the State. It also touched upon Oswald's burial, in which Robert Oswald had to ask reporters to serve as pall bearers because no one else would. He contrasted well with Jacki Weaver as Oswald's mother Marguerite Oswald who had the deluded notion that her son was actually a government agent assigned to kill Kennedy. She even believes a potential book deal could come out of this tragedy.Parkland moves at a rapid clip. It explores areas of the shooting and aftermath that have been underrepresented on film. He takes the audience through the events leading up to, and after, one of the most significant moments in American history. At the heart of the film is two very different attempts to save a life and two very different funerals. The scenes in the hospital are so closely shot that you feel like you are right there as the events are unraveling. Landesman's use of hand held cameras heightens the sense of panic and chaos that must have occurred in the operating room as the doctors struggled to save Kennedy. Parkland is a well shot and well-acted drama and is a powerful portrayal of a hugely substantial event in American history. It is compelling and the performances - especially Giamatti's and Dale's - are strong. Parkland" has a documentary-like feel at times. Kennedy is shot seven and a half minutes in; and he's dead 22 minutes in; but the movie is not about him, but rather those who were touched by his violent death. While not bound for classic status, the film still manages to capture a moment in time that changed our country.

Matthew D (ru) wrote: There are some good ideas in here, but most of them are presented in a half-baked fashion; they don't really gel and none of them are executed with enough drama to do them justice. The movie falls back on the cast and characters to coast it through. They have their moments, but despite two crews the experience is less than the sum of its parts and an unworthy send-off to various aspects of the different Star Trek generations.

Mr H (jp) wrote: One of the best comedies of all time. A classic.

Jamison W (gb) wrote: It's sorta a sad day when Perry Mason is the worst part of your monster movie. everything that was great about the Japanese original is great in this movie. Everything that was poorly added in and awkwardly edited in the American version truly sucks.