The Fat Spy

The Fat Spy

A mostly-deserted island, which is believed to be the home to the fountain of youth, is off the coast of Florida. The island gets some visitors in the form of a teenage boy band, "the Wild Ones", and their gang of swimsuit-clad young people, who head there in a crowded powerboat ostensibly for a scavenger hunt. However, they spend about half their screen time crooning to each other, or dancing on the beach. The island's owner, Wellington recruits his blonde daughter, Junior , to remove the teenagers from the island. Junior is eager to see her love interest, rotund toupee-wearing botanist Irving . However, Irving is more interested in flowers and his bicycle than in the amorous Junior. Wellington asks Irving to spy on the teenagers, which he does by donning a sweatshirt that reads "Fink University", and "getting their trust" by joining them in dancing the Turtle.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   beach,   bicycle,  

Off the coast of Florida, a nearly-deserted island is rumored to have the fountain of youth. A boatload of teenage kids are headed there for a scavenger hunt. Wellington, the island's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim L (us) wrote: Not anywhere as good as the first one, but much better than the 2nd movie!

Ratish K (mx) wrote: joy ride!...keeps you engaged!

ICE WOLF J (ag) wrote: it's really bad it's a bad movie don't see it.

Mike C (fr) wrote: I've seen this movie...twice. Released just five years after 9/11, it was probably not the worst movie to take a classic movie formula, successful already with Hitchcock's Rear Window and the more recent Disturbia, and add a political-terrorist twist. Man has time, man becomes suspicious of neighbor, hilarity ensues. I really liked Krause in the first few seasons of Six Feet Under so DVRed this long ago. He does alright as the lead, a man who has just lost his job and has too much time and maybe some mental problems. Matchett is attractive and holy cow does she look fantastic in a pair of jeans. But her hair makes me want ramen noodles real bad. Anyway, knowing the previous two movies of the like, I thought it felt predictable. Then again, it's hard to do something three times and it was pretty low-budget, so I thought maybe a surprise was around the corner. Maybe there was or maybe there wasn't depending on your take, but definitely not the big surprise I thought might happen. Actually, the movie turned out to be pretty safe. It would have been unacceptable for a well-to-do white guy to just be a racist psychopath. I thought Naga's speech near the end was pretty compelling. What if your wife had been blown to bits by an American tomahawk? What would you do? That is an intriguing question that we don't like to talk about. It was quickly brushed under the rug as a hypothetical, but in the closing scenes, we see that is was probably the reality of Naga's character. The events of the standoff, I thought, were pretty weak, and I was disappointed that they ended the movie with the newscast (which by the way, the ticker on that fake channel moves the wrong way). Suspicion and vigilance can be a good thing. In this movie, he seemed to have gone too far...until the message became he was right all along. I just think that was the weakest message possible to send.

william m (es) wrote: It's astonishing how good Donnie Darko is, compared to how awful this movie is. Besides trying a share some common themes with the former, this film is an incoherent illogical pretentious poorly-acted underutilized shit storm with no redeeming qualities.

Bridget W (mx) wrote: After watch this amazing movie I cried ?? It is one of my top 5 favorite gay movies of all time...

Maverick G (mx) wrote: Austin Powers in Goldmember is still an enjoyable and funny experience even if it recycles some of it's material from its predecessors.

Jairo A (it) wrote: This one is almost as good as part 1 but not quite...anyway, it's still a very good and a very funny movie. I never get bored of watching any of the Rush Hour movies!

Jude P (it) wrote: Worthless in every aspect of a movie; not even a "C" rate movie. Some flows in the script make it worst viz, the last sequence of taking the nuck in the chopper to the ocean, there is a augment one should actually leave the chopper when the time to detonation is less than 4 minutes. Even the chopper is not started !Will Seagel ever stop doing these flops ?

Greg W (us) wrote: dolly is gr8 in this rom-com

Darren B (ag) wrote: Amazing one-man show from Phillip Baker Hall, playing a manic, drunken, bitter, paranoid Nixon. Some of the music is a bit intrusive and not very good, but the performance is spot on.

Bob K (kr) wrote: Prince sounded awesome, and Morris Day STOLE this flick!