The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

In 2257, a taxi driver is unintentionally given the task of saving a young girl who is part of the key that will ensure the survival of humanity.

Set in 23rd century Earth, taxicab driver and former special forces major Korben Dallas unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr Zorg at bay. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Fifth Element torrent reviews

Love M (kr) wrote: I skipped to the parts with Mark Pellegrino in them! This dull and depressing, pseudo-biographical film of one womens attempt to "Make it" dwells in its self importance! 5/05/2013

Robin G (mx) wrote: I would give this movie zero and six at the same time. One gets to see what a movie would be like if a high school did a movie project with a budget. The acting is for the most part lame with the exception of a few of the main roles: a priest, bishop, and archbishop; played by Jack Donner, Tony Burton, and Eddie Applegate respectively. (Eddie Applegate - Patty Duke's boyfriend grew up to be an Archbishop! ). It is not so bad as to be unwatchable, but bad enough to be funny.

Amber B (fr) wrote: Jon Bon Jovi is in this one

IVRt (mx) wrote: I think I have seen this...

Losang S (ag) wrote: scary. aliens scare me.

Greg W (de) wrote: well crafted historical/western