The Final Days

The Final Days

The Final Days concerns itself with the final months of the Richard Nixon presidency.

Based on the acclaimed book written by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, The Final Days chronicles president Richard Nixon's administration during his critical period after the Watergate ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Final Days torrent reviews

Bryan W (es) wrote: Not to bad. Funny at times but not ha ha ha ha funny.

Christian C (ca) wrote: A powerful bit of history everybody should know. A very well put together documentary.

Sreedhar K (ag) wrote: "No one killed Jessica'" is not only a purposeful movie, but it is also a smart and engaging work of art. Well adopted, written, and acted. Based on a real-life murder trial in India it shows how justice gets a second chance (nay, a second life) to do its job, thanks to the effectiveness of investigative reporting, social networking (in this case, an outpouring of SMSes pleading for justice), and true democracy. Ever wonder what that could do to reverse the outcome of some of the botched up trials here in the US? Bravo Bollywood! And, hats off to Meera and Sabrina, the real-life heroes that Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan play in the movie, and play so well! Well done young director Raj Kumar Gupta, and producer Ronnie Screwvala!

Lindsey W (us) wrote: Another underrated one in my opinion. A lot of good twists and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time wondering what really happened. I'd recommend this one! This movie is witty in my opinion and Haylie Duff isn't so bad!

Magdelene S (de) wrote: average. sharon stone was hot though.

Eileen P (jp) wrote: wouldn't watch it again. it was slow and kinda boring. i kept waiting for something exciting to happen and nothing did. and the plot seemed all over the place. i didn;t get it.

David S (ru) wrote: Possibly my favourite martial arts movie of all time, superb

Private U (ru) wrote: Best worst movie in the history of movies

Juli N (kr) wrote: Light hearted rom-com featuring the Aussie charmer Paul Hogan!

Timothy J (it) wrote: Very British. A decent movie depicting Britains defense against Germany. The air combat footage is pretty. The film is a bit long. And despite the success of The Battle of Britain. The ending of the movie is a bit Anti-Climatic.

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 2.5: A very interesting idea - to recreate episode of Boccaccio's Decameron in the 20th century - that is handled fairly well. Visconti's episode was without a doubt the highlight for me, which is not necessarily what I would have expected. If you would asked me beforehand, I would have said Fellini's episode was likely to be my favorite. However, Visconti's portion is lush and beautiful and has something else none of the other episodes have: Romy Schneider. She is absolutely ravishing and gives a potent and bittersweet performance. This episode is perhaps the most tragic as she doesn't seem to have much to look forward to later in life, despite her lush and luxurious surroundings and lifestyle. In the end, she views her lot in life as little better than a prostitutes, despite being a countess. I'd give it 3.5. Fellini's episode does give us a giant Anita Ekberg, which is rather memorable, but it is a bit over-the-top. One would expect this, but it lacked the manic energy and vitality I associate with his full length works. The tune is catchy though. I'd give it 2.5. The other two stories are reasonably entertaining, but not terribly memorable. I'd give these 2.5 or 2. Sophia Loren has arguably never looked better, but she was never really my style anyway.

Mr D (br) wrote: First zombie ever made, where the zombies where mindless slaves and you only had to fear to become one of them.

Zoe S (us) wrote: Ridiculously clever and eternally pertinent.

Ryan D (br) wrote: For a movie full of flawed characters, it's a very enjoyable movie. Muriel herself is very flawed and makes a lot of bad choices, but you feel for her and root for her still, all the while disagreeing with her. And the guys in speedos are just a bonus.

Bobby L (kr) wrote: Visually stunning, very interesting story. Not to mention I am a sucker for anti - heroes, anime, space and pirates. And this movie has all of those things....:)