The Final Storm

The Final Storm

A stranger named Silas flees from a devastating storm and finds refuge with Tom and Gillian on their farm. While struggling with the Storm, Silas seems to be the only one who can help Tom and Gillian to find their son but there are other more dangerous forces out there, that are waiting for the three.

A stranger named Silas flees from a devastating storm and finds refuge with Tom and Gillian on their farm. While struggling with the Storm, Silas seems to be the only one who can help Tom ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire M (mx) wrote: This movie I feel was very important. It touched on a topic that affects everyone and that is bullying. This movie showed what it can be like when someone is bullied and the way it can make one feel. A must watch for everyone

Joe S (br) wrote: If you want your horror movies to be "empowering" you might not be ready to venture out of your "safe space".

Connor S (ca) wrote: If you want a completely generic movie with no redeeming or original ideas, watch this. The plot is about a generic teenager moving to a generic city and goes to a generic school and likes a generic girl and gets in a fight with a generic bad guy with a generic friend that helps him generically beat the bad guy. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, Never Back Down is just so unoriginal that it's extremely boring to watch. The fighting is pretty well done, but that can't make up for no character development, awful dialogue, and every clich imaginable.

Dan N (mx) wrote: Great movie intriguing exciting interesting as real people real problems real emotions and excellent movie you won't waste a minute watching it all the way through great cast well directed excellent music watch it it'll be really worth your time

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: Totally tired and out dated now the story has run its course

Henrik S (nl) wrote: An interesting take on relationship drama, pitting two "survivors" in the ring of romance, both of which are left behind by a spouse that opted to cheat on their partners, incidentally, the two broken hearts manage to find each other within the remains of their shattered relationships and bring all the tension, anger and doubts along with them. The film has a few too many subplots in my opinion, Dutch's job as IA inspector, Chandler's political campaign etc., I would have preferred more focus on the relationship side of things, deeper conversations regarding the issue of loving someone you would actually love to hate and dealing with loss and grief. The performances are great, Ford's stoic style of acting fits with the character and Thomas is as enchantingly beautiful as ever. Pollack's direction is a no frills approach and leaves the script and actors to do their work with a touch of 1990s Americana thrown in. All in all, a pondering tale, that makes up in being daring and different what it lacks in finesse and verve.

Mark S (ag) wrote: Recommended by Elizabeth N.

Ashley T (au) wrote: Dull, mostly. And Lena Olin freaks me out. I don't know why.

Mauricio F (mx) wrote: Filme divertido, mas sem grandes pretenses.

Sgt C (de) wrote: (53%) A reasonably strong mid-budget slasher that's hampered by its slow pace and a somewhat directionless script. Roundtree is wasted and has only about two scenes, and the focus on Campbell goes AWOL for large sections when this really should be his movie. It has lost a lot of shock value it had from way back when, and is now quite tame. Fans of 80's cheapo horror cinema should give this a watch as despite its problems it's still a minor B-movie classic.

Dan A (it) wrote: While not the best police academy movie, still pretty funny.

Aaron B (jp) wrote: Well done, much overlooked horror film. Scary and very creepy.

Joel A (mx) wrote: A charming family film about a farming family who lives are changed by a lovable Labrador that connects more so with the eldest sonThe dog clearly changes the dynamic of the family & becomes a major help on the farm against the animals that where destroying the crops.However the film takes a turn when poor Old Yeller gets bitten by a wild wolf. It's an endearing film that's full of heart.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Esther Williams' penultimate swimming musical for MGM is a pleasant time-filler; Van Johnson and Tony Martin fuss over Esther and there are several nice water ballets, including a spectacular Busby Berkeley water-skiing finale.

Dalia D (br) wrote: I Wake Up Screaming has a less literal title; no one wakes up screaming in this movie and in fact, I don't think anyone actually screams either. It's a much more sneaky kind of scary, less frenetic than Sorry, Wrong Number, but more sick and eerie. This is largely thanks to the very disturbing Laird Cregar, a detective looking for the murderer of a sparkling (and again, bratty) wanna-be starlet (played to the nines by Carol Landis). The detective wants nothing better than to pin the rap on suave-as-silk sports promoter Frankie Christopher (what a name!), played, again to the nines, by Victor Mature (what a name!), who discovered the little celebrity when she was nothing but a "hash-slinger" (diner waitress). Now that she's dead, Christopher is free to pursue his real infatuation: the starlet's more subtle stenographer sister (Betty Grable, who, next to Carol Landis, looks dull as dishwater). There are other suspects in the case, but the detective ignores them, hulking around in the dark, prowling the streets and sneaking into Christopher's apartment to watch him sleeping (hence the title, I guess, although Mature's too tough to play a man who screams). In a climax that renders all of Hitchcock's creepizoids completely impotent by comparison (I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Hitchcock learned much of his art from this movie), Christopher breaks into the detective's apartment, finding that the entire thing is a shrine dedicated to his dead starlet: there is an altar with fresh flowers and candles beneath her headshot, and the walls are lining with newspaper cuttings and all of the advertisements in which she had modeled. It turns out that our detective/stalker had been stalking our starlet back when she was just a mere hash-slinger, but since Christopher got it into her head that she could be a star, she would have nothing to do with him. He knows that the real murderer was the doorman of her building, but he let him off and willfully intended Christopher to get back at him. Before Christopher can bring him to justice, the detective has swallowed a draught of poison, leaving Christopher and Dull as Dishwater to live happily ever after. Hitchcock, on the other hand, would never have left his audience feeling so comfortable at the very end.