The Final Terror

The Final Terror

A group of friends and their girlfriends head out for what is expected to be a vacation of hiking, camping and a good time, but when a backwoods mama finds them on her turf, it becomes anything but a vacation.

The horror film takes place in the deep wood where a group of rangers go camping. Everything is well until they take a nap and wake up, finding one of them had disappeared. On the effort of looking for their lost friend, the group begin to disappear, one by one, as the killer disguised as the forest surroundings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (es) wrote: Director of Assassin Games is back with another JCVD movie. This one is inspired by "Taken" "Trade" and "Man on Fire". Not as good as those, of course, but decent V-cinema starring an aging icon. The added mercenary and teamwork aspects of it differentiate it from other kidnapped flicks.

Rajeev M (it) wrote: Awesome feel good movie. Padma Priya awesome and Sharwanand did impressive acting. Naresh amazes the audience especially with his expressions. The movie is serious but hilarious, dunno how that works out. But the result is amazing. The songs are awesome. Nuvve kaavali and malli malli rammani( both versions) are really good songs. So go see the movie!!!!

Jamie P (kr) wrote: what the fuck just happened....?

JD (au) wrote: Not the greatest one, but still pretty awesome.

Frances H (de) wrote: The most remarkable nature filming that I have ever seen. That the makers committed to the project to the point of having hatchlings imprint on them, so the could catch their flight in a glider is amazing. I also loved that the talking was at a minimum--it was restful to just watch and listen to the lovely music. We have too many voices stridently. raucously competing for our attention nowadays. I have to agree with the critics consensus here, this film was "a marvel to watch."

Brian S (mx) wrote: Like the critic consensus said, it's start out well but decends into the bottom of the toilet seet as the flick goes on. But overall, the movie ain't all that bad, the acting is believable and the plot of the movie is clever. The Creeper of the movie is pretty bad ass and it's an original monster. But one thing that doesn't go well is the camera shots. Far from the best horror flick I've eve seen but still worth a look.

Morgan O (mx) wrote: ABERDEEN is a charming and heartfelt introspection that doesn't overstay it's welcome at under 2 hours.This is a great little movie with a great cast, made by a great director. That hardly anyone seems to know about it is such a shame.

patrice a (it) wrote: one of my first best romantic movie!

Steven P (it) wrote: freaky movie, might have u scratching too after u watch lol

Collier W (it) wrote: Both a comedy of youthful idealism and jaded disillusionment and a document of burned out remainders from the 1960s. Aggressively incorrect, Fritz still has the power to entertain, jibe and offend, forty years later. If you saw it as a kid looking for cartoon areolae, as I did, have another look and see that this film still holds up. Fritz has a distinctly skewed take on the male/female problem and a freewheeling sensibility that's hard not to love. To watch Fritz the Cat is to appreciate how much things have changed, and how much they remain the same.

Becky T (es) wrote: I had an extremely difficult time getting into this movie since it started out with the gang members prancing (dancing) about, with fake punches and limited words. I did like some of the famous songs, but am not sure this is for me.

Rodney H (mx) wrote: Very good. It's tough for amnesia films because it's too easy for actors to just play another character. This one works very well despite the big time jumps. Greer is gorgeous & her character the epitome of patience.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: It seems very odd to be watching a Griffith picture that takes place in France at the time of the French revolution. The production values are quite good although this is kind of expected from a Griffith picture of this period. Pictures like this must have been pretty amazing to audiences of the day. Griffith certainly knows how to tell a good story. All the elements he needs to draw the audience in and keep their attention are here. This is yet another example of his "invention" of the cinematic language. Even if he wasn't the absolute first to use many techniques common today, he was the first to popularize them, use them in the same picture, and use with them with such effectiveness. His camerawork, editing, narrative structure, etc. were head and shoulders above those of anyone else around. This is not his best picture, but it's probably in the top five for me.

Andrew S (mx) wrote: This movie is more stupidity than comedy.

Simon M (ru) wrote: Pretty poor film. No pace and no structure.