The Finish Line

The Finish Line


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Finish Line torrent reviews

Clinton H (ag) wrote: A surprisingly relevant film that speaks directly to the millennial generation. The films high point is in its confrontation with modern religion.

Stanley Z (it) wrote: wow haven't seen a movie that bad in a while

Benjamin M (nl) wrote: small german movie with a strong benno frmann! Didnt like the ending... but the beginning is big fun

Bob P (de) wrote: Was this supposed to be funny or dramatic? It sucked either way.

Inta K (br) wrote: nothing special.. pretty boring

Shuu (au) wrote: awww! its super cute!

Amal V (kr) wrote: Une vrai merde qui fait pas mal au crane... A voir pour le grand jeu d'acteur de Nicolas Cage ( pas plus de 2 expressions faciale et encore ...)

Clark W (nl) wrote: A great modern twist on a classic story.

Joel A (es) wrote: A razor sharp hard biting look at the justice (or lack of) system in the United States. Al Pacino was sensational as lawyer Arthur Kirkland and we really go on his journey.He fights to be as ethical as possible & lands himself in a really tricky case with a judge he can't stand and then has defend on a rape charge.The final sequences in the court are completely hair raising & the famous 'you're out of order' take play. A very anti American film & gutsy for director Norman Jewison to attempt. A must see film that us honest & raw.

Asher K (us) wrote: The epitome of a movie that has not aged well. It comes off as creepy (not to mention borderline statutory rape) in the 21st Century to hear an old man sing about his love for little girls and a 30 odd year old man marrying the 18 year old girl he knew since she was knee high. The music is fun but is not enough to make up for this uncomfortable premise, especially considering that Leslie Carson's songs are dubbed.

Keenan B (ca) wrote: I wouldn't normally review it with a perfect score, but I stand the critic Ebert here. This film is great, and while it's plot has some weaker points, I think it's still great. Most of the complaints feel unfounded here and it's a beautiful film. To paraphrase the main character in "Life is Strange" despite what everyone says, it is one of my favorite science fiction films ever.