The Firefly

The Firefly

Nina Maria Azara is the beautiful and alluring singing spy for Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Her mission is to seduce French Officers, in order for them to reveal Napolean's intentions toward Spain. She is sent to Bayonne, France to gather military secrets. Prior to this, she meets, Don Diego while performing at a club. Unknown to her, Don Diego is actually Captain Andre, who is sent to Spain to spy on her. While in France, Nina discovers Diego's true identity, only after she has fallen in love with him. Nina Maria outwits her potential captors and returns to Spain, and goes into hiding. Napoleon's troops invade Spain, resulting in Nina's capture. In a strange twist of fate, Nina and Captain Andre are reunited, but, the 2 nations are now at war... Written by Kelly

Nina Maria Azara is the beautiful and alluring singing spy for Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Her mission is to seduce French Officers, in order for them to reveal Napolean's intentions ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan L (de) wrote: Exactly what you'd expect it to be: a colorful dip into nostalgia, with little surprises and college humor around characters you already love.

Private U (us) wrote: A really funny look at the world of competitive arcade games, as well as the rise and fall of the arcade scene in general. Most of the characters are entertaining, but the film was too short to really go into detail on what they've done with their lives. It's like "Best In Show", but real. CAX 2007 8/20 7pm.

House M (mx) wrote: With a very low budget story, this film remeinds us that its not the money poured into the project but the plot that make a good movie. Twisted, bloody, funny, psychological thriller that really went set a new standard for psychological dramas. A real gem in its category. A definite must see.

Tim R (au) wrote: One of the best holiday movies ever!

Michael M (us) wrote: In 1929, Spanish Luis Buuel teamed with surrealist artist Salvador Dal to create the short film Un Chien Andelou (An Andalusian Dog). It was a strange piece that specifically made no sense, and is (in)famous for the opening scene which features an unresisting woman having her eye sliced open by a razor blade (which even in the days of torture porn, is still one of the most shocking things you'll see in a movie).Many years later, Buuel made The Exterminating Angel, a feature-length entry that features an actual plot and makes much more sense...kind of.The plot follows a group of elegant bourgeoisie dinner guests as they come to a house for a party. The party is a charming affair, despite the gossip and backtalk the guests spread against each other. After it is over, they all casually take rest on couches, chairs, and the floor. Days go by and it becomes clear that, for some inexplicable reason, they are incapable of leaving the room they are in. They are not bound to it physically, but rather psychologically. As time goes by, they succumb to an animalistic nature as primitive and savage as the gossip they so enjoy.It's a weird movie, even beyond the very simple premise, with a lot of strange imagery and things that just plain don't make much sense. Much has been made of it, and a simple Google search will lead you to hundreds (if not thousands) of different interpretations of it. Personally, I like it for its most simplest of points: even the most wealthy and elegant among us will be reduced to savage animals in the right circumstances. You could even argue with their gossip and backtalk they are already more savage than animals.Also, it's just a really funny movie. Not in a conventional sense, but in the way the surrealist nature is played completely straight, like the guests don't even notice how bizarre their situation is. And then there's the ending, which I won't spoil, but I will say this much: it's f***ing brilliant.

Steve W (ca) wrote: This western showcases the hardships of pioneer life. John Wayne portrays Thomas Dunson, a man who wants the biggest ranch. Spending a solid 14 years gathering as many cattle as he can, he discovers they are worth nothing unless he can drive them to somewhere that wants them. Along the way, his dogged determination begins to chip away at the crew in their impossible task, and his adopted son Matthew turns on him. This leads to a spiraling confrontation between father and son, for a primal and sweeping western about human relationships and how they can break and mend. Howard Hawk's sprawling western epic still stands tall to this day.

Nicki M (br) wrote: I tried twice to get through this. I thought I was being harsh turning it off the first time - but, no, after watching most with a little bit of fast forwarding to save my sanity, I still think it's crap. Dull family stuck in a house together after the death of their father, sitting shiva, though no one is really religious. Just a silly plot device to bring them together for the story. They are not even in the house the whole 7 days, they seem to go out on and off, so...? (Are they meant to be? Admittedly I don't know a lot about the Jewish religion). There's a mother with a boob job, which is meant to be funny (it's not), and a kid walking around the house pooing in a potty all the time (revolting, and I have no idea what that's about or why we need to see it). Oh, and some middle aged tedious drug use Some of the cast are good, mostly Rose Byrne and Jason Bateman, but it's very dull viewing. A lot of stereotypes, the couple who are desperate to conceive, the screw up younger brother the cheating girlfriend with the cartoonish radio dj. None of them ring true.It's watchable. But it's just ugh. Yuck.