The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

A sprawling drama centered on five key days in a family's life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:marriage,   dog,   flashback,  

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Will V (au) wrote: I like the idea of this movie, but D.B. Sweeney was absolutly horrible. No emotion, bad acting. Everyone else in the movie was fine, just the main role was totally flawed and poorly presented throughout the movie

Esteban S (jp) wrote: Quite a clever little film. Very noir in it's approach. You can see the end a mile off, but it's good fun getting there.

Eliabeth R (br) wrote: This movie is so underrated. It is a great kid's movie and does a perfect job of portraying life in elementary school. Brendan Ryan Barrett is my hero.

Mel L (fr) wrote: My brother told me that some of this was filmed in my hometown of Cornwall, ON. I'd like to watch this one.

M C (us) wrote: Just tons of (intentionally) campy fun. There's a B&W 1950s axe murder scene, killer slugs, aliens, a down-on-his-luck detective, zombies, and flame throwers, all part of a clever nod to classic B-movies. 72/100

Tim S (ca) wrote: As in any Cassavettes, the good outweighs the bad because the good is fucking amazing.

Shamith G (ru) wrote: This is a good popcorn action movie with a sublime plot and works very well till the end until to the point where Stallone who acted brilliantly till then, starts crying like a baby. That never ending crybaby scene was really awful to watch otherwise we could had one of the best action movies of the 80s..

Joe A (de) wrote: The story of Dracula has been told and retold so many times that I don't fault anyone for taking liberties with the original story... though very few, if any, film or TV adaptations have been very faithful to Bram Stoker's novel. That being said, this Masterpiece Theater production has Lord Arthur Holmwood (Dan Stevens) seeking help from a bizarre religious blood cult to find him a cure for the syphilis he contracted from his father at birth. Their solution is to bring the mysterious Count Dracula to England (Marc Warren) so Arthur may use his blood to exact a cure. Things obviously go awry as Dracula has his own plans for his stay in London that include Holmwood's wife Lucy (Sophia Miles) and her friend Mina (Stephanie Leonidas). Despite the liberties taken with the story like the whole cult/syphilis thing and having no Renfield but, a slightly off kilter Van Helsing, this production is actually effective and entertaining. Director Bill Eagles gets a lot of atmosphere out of his shots and lighting and is capable of building tension and gives the scenes that need impact the strength they recquire to work. The acting is a mixed bag to a degree. Stevens' Holmwood is a little over the top at times as Tom Burke's Dr. Seward is a bit bland. Marc Warren gives a very creepy performance as Dracula channeling both Klaus Kinski and Malcom McDowell from Clockwork Orange and Sophia Miles is hot as always especially when she turns seductive and thirsty vampiress. Overall this is a decent and somewhat original adaptation that could have used more then it's scant 90 minutes as some scenes go too quick and some characters, like Van Helsing, needed to be fleshed out with more screen time. But, for Dracula and vampire aficianados, it sure beats the Twilight saga.

Jonathon P (kr) wrote: Not beautifully put together or investment towards some of the people of the town.

Alex M (it) wrote: If the porn industry ever decided to make an Oscar worthy movie, it still wouldn't come close to this. A terrific story accompanied by a lot, a Lot, A Lot, A LOT of sex.

Ricardo M (jp) wrote: Diferente, modesto, melanclico: como um independente deve ser.

Robert B (kr) wrote: Joe Brown, Dorothy Burgess- 1928

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Expected total crap from what most people told me but found it pretty goodish, The effects were ok, Not much action and the plot never really gets going and is boring at times, Not to mention that when doing films like this makeup, White teeth and waxed eyebrows and other body parts don't help as it's pretty hard to take it serious.

Andrew N (br) wrote: Still one of my all time favorite films, love it.

Charlie G (au) wrote: I gelt they carried scenes out lounger that would seem necessary.

briget 6 (ag) wrote: i loved it! not much action, unless you mean guy- to guy action=of which there is alot!! Plus gary oldman is the sexiest gay man ever in this movie!!!!!!!!