The First Power

The First Power

A young man born out of an incestuous relationship, after enduring an emotionally scarring childhood, gives in to the dark side of Satanic forces and becomes a weapon of evil. He kills with such ferocity that he becomes the main target of the L.A.P.D. Detective Russell Logan engages in a battle of wits with Channing in life and after death. It appears that Channing can't be stopped, but Logan has a few tricks of his own to match Channing's -"First Power".

A hotshot L.A. homicide detective (Lou Diamond Phillips) hunts an immortal killer (Jeff Kober) who possesses the First Power, the ability to inhabit the bodies of others at will! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kishanth J (jp) wrote: Simple but nice film. Ideally 7.5.

Donald D (br) wrote: At least it gave Lee the opportunity to experiment, something that eventually led to something wonderful: Life of Pi.

Chad D (de) wrote: While at times Rules of Engagement falls victim to slow pacing, most times it stands as an entertaining (albeit unoriginal) courtroom drama that tells its story with clarity. Its key role players (Jackson, Jones, and Pierce) all shine, as each plays their role expertly. The conclusion seemed to fail to live up to some of the other scenes, but it is rewarding nonetheless.

Jake M (mx) wrote: Loved the book and the movie as a 9 year old. Not so much anymore. The dialogue is horrendous, the plot is snipped and pasted together, and the acting is pretty meh. Studio interference compromised this quickly made cash-in on the 90s irony-horror boom and it shows. A few good scares, a gnarly opening,Katie Holmes, and the awesome soundtrack make for a passable nostalgic watch.

Sarah C (de) wrote: The sweetest movie. Anyone who wants children, has tried to have children, or already has children will enjoy this movie and even see the humor in it.

Christophe M (gb) wrote: Film plutt styl sur la vengeance d'une jeune femme au sein d'un couvent catholique, jeu de couleur, trouvailles visuelles et sobrement beau font de "School of the holy beast" une curiosit. Ce qu'on peut dire c'est que ce film tire boulet rouge sur la religion, une institution aussi respectable, pratiquant une des religion les moins discutes et les plus sacralises depuis des sicles est le thtre de toutes les bassesses soi-disant rejetes par des rgles qui n'existent finalement que pour tre brises. La mre qui banni le sexe mate des photos cochonnes et se carresse devant, l'homosexualit fminine bannie aussi est pourtant monnaie courante (bien qu'il n'y ai qu'une seule scne lesbienne dans le film). Le couvent peut tre vu comme le reflet d'une socit japonaise o les leaders incontests prchent la bonne parole devant et la font l'envers par derrire, et que dire que pre Kakinuma, seul homme dans le couvent et qui a pourtant plus de vice que les 100 violeurs de la mre de Freddy Krueger, non, ce film n'est pas tendre avec la religion ou toutes autres institutions rigides aux rgles hypocrites. Comme je l'ai dit c'est stylis, film avec classe et un bon sens du cadre (quel choc l'heure de la camra qui tremble comme aujourd'hui), et un casting presque intgralement fminin pour notre plus grand plaisir, en particulier la vedette Yumi Takigawa en vengeresse qui, la fin, rserve le pire celui qu'elle veut faire payer comment dire a....ceux qui ont vu "Oldboy" comprendront ! Encore une autre perle du pays du soleil levant !!!

LaraSusan J (jp) wrote: Absolutely brilliant. Great performance by Matt Damon & Micheal Douglas. Def worth a watch

Andy C (kr) wrote: A harmless, somewhat overlong, comedy that has good dance scenes and a couple funny supporting characters. A letdown considering the title.