The Fisher King

The Fisher King

Two troubled men face their terrible destinies and events of their past as they join together on a mission to find the Holy Grail and thus to save themselves.

Set in a highly-stylized and ultra grim Manhattan, The Fisher King is Terry Gilliam';;s magical reworking of an Arthurian legend. After hearing a popular DJ rail against yuppies, a madman carries out a massacre in a popular New York bar. A burned-out, embittered radio deejay finds personal salvation after he is saved from death by a strange vagabond who takes him into a dark, fantastic quest for the Holy Grail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Fisher King torrent reviews

Patrick B (mx) wrote: You have to go into this knowing what you are about to watch. Don't go for plot or acting. It's Larry the Cable guy for Christsakes. Anyway, it was mindlessly funny as I found myself laughing out loud several times. Sure it was stupid - but if you had a hard day and just need to laugh - watch it. If you are in the mood for some Oscar winner - you might want to pass...but I guarentee a babe uttering the words "Bull Shit" have never been sexier - maybe it was the shotgun...

O T (de) wrote: Interesting and realistic, this is what I'd expect from an actual demonic possession. However this movie did have a Smithee moment, where the possessed's sister is caught by the priest in the next room doing satanic magic, and she exclaims in her defense "I thought black magic would help!" Still a good psychological thriller as the demon seriously fucks with the minds of everyone who comes into contact with it.

Paul D (nl) wrote: I stumbled across this film while looking up a list of "25 great horror films you wont have seen". I have to say I rather enjoyed it. While at first it seems like its the old clique of church girl goes to college and gets terrorised by demons, then you'd be right. But that's not a bad thing. Packed full of good characterisation and lots of gore, the film avoids just being another horror movie and stands out because of it. The film is pretty predictable but it doesn't matter since the action in the middle is great fun and actually quite scary at times (watch out for that horse!) Definitely worth a look if you get the chance.

Tae E K (ru) wrote: Over-acted, under-develped characters, and cliche racial undertones.

Claudia M (ru) wrote: Muy hermosa pelcula. Fina mirada sobre la vida de gente humilde que no pierde la esperanza. La fuerza de las mujeres es admirable, y no cabe duda que otras como ellas, pero reales, las hay por millones, por eso el mundo no se hunde.

Tiffany A (ag) wrote: so funny~~ can't stop laughing! Btw, the performance at the end is really amazing & entertaining^^

Siv P (ca) wrote: A great movie again by Kamal Hassan. Amazing screen play, cinematography, music and direction. I don't even want this to be classified as a Bollywood movie as its just not of that type. I would be happy to simply tag this as an Indian movie and a Tamil movie :)My only complaint with the movie was that it didn't have subtitles for the dialogues which were in Bengali, Hindi .

BSH n (es) wrote: Starring: Jean-Claude Van DammeMichael Jai WhiteHeidi SchanzXander BerkeleyWritten by William Malone, John FasanoProduced by Daniel Melnick, Michael I. Rachmil, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Allen ShapiroDirected by Mic RodgersGiving sequels a bad name is this absolutely ridiculous sequel to Roland Emmerich's 1992 sci-fi actioner UNIVERSAL SOLDIER that somehow managed to get a theatrical release and drum up half of its squandered $19 million budget, presumably on the waning box office draw of returning star Jean-Claude Van Damme. Even the presence of talented martial arts actor Michael Jai White, who was stuck in career purgatory after starring in SPAWN two year prior could not salvage this cinematic disaster. It provides the perfect example of what happens when a filmmaker neglects sound plotting, clean editing and acting fundamentals in favor of mindless explosions, shootouts and fighting sloppily cut together and drowned in irritating metal music. Van Damme has starred in a fair number of disappointing action films but this is easily one of his worst as of 2010.UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN is the first solo directing gig for veteran stuntman and second unit director Mic Rodgers, a professional whose experience in handling action sequences extends to major films like BRAVEHEART, MR. & MRS. SMITH, NATIONAL TREASURE, and APOCALYPTO. It's also the last film he has directed which isn't surprising given how badly the direction of this movie is. Like the original film, THE RETURN is essentially a rip-off of better sci-fi movies but with the introduction of a rogue supercomputer it seems like the creators aren't even trying to mask their lack of creativity in the slightest.Sporting a bit of gray, Van Damme returns to the role of Unisol Luc Deveraux but this time he has been fully rehabilitated from an emotionless killing machine into an ordinary human with a daughter and a sense of humor. Like a freed slave choosing to work as a slave master, he now works freely for the government, helping them to train other Unisols. Everything is fine and dandy until the government decides to cut costs by shutting down the program. When a "HAL 9000? supercomputer character at the Unisol facility named S.E.T.H. (Michael Jai White) learns of the cancellation it goes into self-preservation mode and begins to reprogram the Unisols. As they begin to take over the facility, Luc, now joined by another nosey TV reporter (Heidi Schanz) struggles to stop S.E.T.H. and his Unisol army. To make the struggle more tangible, S.E.T.H. conveniently downloads himself into a Unisol body which allows martial arts movie fans to witness a screen fight between Van Damme and White which presumably would be a lot more exciting than watching Van Damme roundhouse an off switch.Problems with THE RETURN begin with its ludicrous script by writers William Malone and John Fasanco. It takes a cue from the completely forgettable TV-movie sequel UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II: BROTHERS IN ARMS by giving Unisols personalities, whereas in the original film these genetically modified super soldiers had lost nearly all sense of their humanity. This is best evidenced by a Unisol named Romeo, played by buff pro wrestler Bill Goldberg, who develops a smarmy rivalry with Luc that takes on added dimension when he is reprogrammed. Lack of personality was one of the few compelling elements about the Unisols because it made us pity their loss of humanity and free will, at least for Luc. In THE RETURN they're reduced to smirking, wise-cracking characters fit for a cartoon series for children. Yet the whole movie is more or less directed like a cartoon so at least there is some consistency here.All acting across the board is uniformly dreadful. Even Daniel von Bargen, a usually dependable character actor portraying an Army general, struggles with his role. That means Van Damme and White don't stand a chance. The worst performances come from the women, notably Schanz as Luc's reporter friend and former ESPN fitness guru Kiana Tom as Luc's friend who hilariously gets turned into a female Unisol in a very bizarre bit role that appears to have been trimmed down. The monotone delivery of both women makes Ally Walker's turn as a stereotypical news reporter in the original UNIVERSAL SOLDIER look like an Oscar-caliber performance in comparison. Likewise, no praise can be spared for the actor portraying an obnoxious computer hacker who aids S.E.T.H. in claiming his body although that has more to do with the script which produces yet another cartoon character.As with most action B-movies, many of the film's flaws could be forgiven so long as the action is good. That's not the case here. While there is plenty of mayhem in the film it's poorly arranged and edited with little suspense or reason behind it. For instance, the opening sequence is an elaborate jet ski chase that could have been the lead in for a low-budget James Bond movie but it makes little sense when you discover why it's happening. It's a flimsy gimmick like most of the action in the film. The gunplay is bland, explosions are cheesy and worst of all, the fight work is mutilated by confusing and excessively chopped up editing. The end fight between Van Damme and White represents a career low for both actors but blame again falls squarely on the direction and editing that completely destroys what could have been a decent match between two skilled screen fighters.For their subsequent sequel UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENGERATION, father and son Peter and John Hyams pretty much ignored both TV sequels and this regrettable feature film sequel which was a good idea. Like the HIGHLANDER series, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is a solid action B-movie that has largely been maligned by most of its successors. UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN is good for an unintended laugh but that's about it.

Zachary M (ag) wrote: One of the best explorations into toxic masculinity I've ever seen. The idea that these men would play a game to win over the heart and affections on a deaf woman is sick and uncomfortable. However, it is completely effective in its acting and directing. It will make you feel uncomfortable and that's the point, wither you like that or not, is up to you. Me I enjoyed it for all its sick dark humor and views.

Deb S (fr) wrote: Jamie (Melissa George) is an average housewife who finds herself kidnapped by a mysterious masked man Alek (Oded Fehr) and imprisoned in a warehouse. Jamie is roughed up and her captor tells her that her husband is not who she thinks he is, but an assassin who is on the run from a crime syndicate after having stolen mob money totaling about 40 million dollars. The kidnappers have also taken her six year old son Michael (Connor Christopher Levins), who is diabetic and needs constant attention. Jamie soon agrees to work with the kidnappers to uncover her husband's secrets in order to save her son. The inclusion of a few genuinely exciting sequences as Jamie races against time to successfully complete a money transfer cements the movie's place as a slow-going yet satisfying endeavor (although magnetic cassette tapes seem really low-tech for international espionage, especially considering Jamie's brilliant work with the computer.)

Jason S (es) wrote: Anyone who could enjoy this is a lifeless shell.

Danny M (ca) wrote: Great horror film! Really good and a strong story to it.

Gail F (ru) wrote: I was able to follow the "strange storyline" easily. The computer sequences and special effects left me gasping "OH, NO!", many times. What would they think of next? I admit to never being disappointed with either Bridges or Moore in anything. This film had to be a joyous romp for both of them.I loved it.