The Flock

The Flock

This film is about a hyper-vigilant employee of the department of public safety who, while training his young female replacement, has to track down a missing girl who he is convinced is connected to a paroled sex offender he is investigating.

This film is about a hyper-vigilant employee of the department of public safety who, while training his young female replacement, has to track down a missing girl who he is convinced is connected to a paroled sex offender he is investigating. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Putri A (kr) wrote: bagaimanapun, I love Tangled.

George B (es) wrote: Predictable but fun nonetheless. "Eating Out" in a bear suit. Characters were developed reasonably. Harmless sex jokes and hot guys(at least in the background) make it a charmer. A sequel in another city is already promised!

Alex K (de) wrote: On par with the first. While the overall plot isn't nearly as good as its predecessor, the film has moments that are funnier, so in the end it all evens out. That Dujardin and Hazanavicius make for a great team, and they have Oscars to prove it.

Juli N (nl) wrote: Saying I was Gobsmacked by this unorthodox film would be an understatement!

Dave M (ag) wrote: "The Book Thief" (PG-13, 2:11) is one of those movies whose title tells you very little about the film, so allow me to fill you in. It's the story of life in Hitler's Germany, as seen through the eyes of a pretty and self-assured blonde tween named Liesel (Sophie Nelisse). She is "The Book Thief". Even though she doesn't know how to read, she takes a book that she sees someone drop on the ground. When she finally learns to read, the book thievery increases. She takes a book from a houseguest and later breaks into the local mayor's home (repeatedly) to avail herself of his large personal library. Of course, she refers to her activities as "borrowing".After Liesel is, for her protection, given up by her communist mother, she is raised by a childless middle-aged couple (played by Oscar-nominee Emily Watson and Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush) in a small German town. Liesel's new mother is harsh but is hiding a big heart under her gruff exterior, while Liesel's new father is kind and nurturing. He teaches her to read, and a young man who comes to hide in their home (for reasons you can probably guess) teaches her to express herself. Meanwhile, Liesel forms a close friendship with a cocky, but sweet neighbor boy. Even as the world around her seems to become more dangerous and make less sense by the day, Liesel's love of learning , her growing creativity and the support of those around her carry her through.After so many movies about Nazi Germany, I give this film credit for its realism and unusual focus. The restrictions, bigotry, fear and paranoia bred by the Nazis is treated as a simple matter-of-fact, giving us insight into what life was like for average Germans during World War II, and why they tolerated it. The film features a girl who really wants to read (good), but shows her stealing without consequences (not so good) and it's inexplicably narrated by Death (as in the Grim Reaper). The story is fairly interesting and the set decoration is great, but if you're interested in how the Nazi regime affected the lives of its people, I'd recommend 1993's "Swing Kids" (with a young Christian Bale) or 2008's heartbreaking "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". "The Book Thief" is too long as it tells a story that is only barely worthy of telling. "C"

bill s (de) wrote: This movie drove Hackman into retirement.

I dont know w (br) wrote: Interesting concept, to bad it did so horrible at the box office.

Silvia F (br) wrote: The concepts and subject matter of the film are fresh and interesting, but the actual plot is just a retread of the things we see in pretty every movie.Grade:B

Kenneth S (au) wrote: Loved the movie! My favorite scene is where Marvin gets shot ?????? had to laugh at Vincent on his opinion about God, lol. Also I recommend this one.

Zoe H (de) wrote: "Thank you sir, I've never had a toothpick of my own before"

jay n (nl) wrote: Relationship drama with an seminal AIDS story contains a notable debut performance from Steve Buscemi and several other performers who were just starting out but now are familiar faces. Fine direction by Bill Sherwood, sadly his only film before falling victim to the disease himself.

Del H (de) wrote: A well-acted and well-made thriller that does well in showing the twisted workings of a small pre- Civil Rights Southern town.

Siham W (ca) wrote: The storyline is good thought not great. It's predictable but well played, so... Freeman is convincing, as usual. I only ever get annoyed by sarcastic people being always portrayed as disagreeable jerks. Does nobody appreciate crude honesty anymore? Beats lying, hypocrisy and bootlicking anytime.

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: I hate it took me this long to watch this one. Without a doubt one of the better romantic comedies ever made. I love the dialogue here and everything, except the clothes, completely holds up here.