The Flower Bridge

The Flower Bridge

A father raises his three children alone, while his wife is looking for work abroad.

A father raises his three children alone, while his wife is looking for work abroad. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (de) wrote: kind of weird, but pretty fun, earth to echo is the best sci-fi you can put to your kids.

Lina T (kr) wrote: disappointment of reality.

Mario Enrique T (gb) wrote: I find that this movie is very good because the role he plays Milla Jovovich looks very dramatic and very realistic in its role and find that the plot is very good and very intriguing

Paul N (es) wrote: Hausner's sly play on faith & hypocrisy makes excellent points, but glacial pace suggests it's too convinced of own profundity.

Mo T (gb) wrote: little dissapointed by Saura

Campbell P (jp) wrote: After watching Million Dollar Baby I don't know whether or not to feel inspired or drained. Clint Eastwood is very good at making emotional screenplays and getting an audience engaged in a story. Million Dollar Baby is no exception. The story follows boxing coach Frankie Dunn (played by Clint Eastwood) who is one of the best coaches in the world of boxing. His coaching career changes forever when he meets a down on her luck woman named Maggie, who really just wants to fight and make a living. What this movie REALLY succeeds at doing is making you feel about the characters. Maggie is a character you just wanna hug. She is a fractured person for sure but that's what makes her so lovable. She's determined, inspired, feisty, and considerate. All these factors make a character feel human. Maybe that's why these characters are so well respected, because they act humane and not like actors playing characters. Frankie is another interesting character, while he's not the most huggable person in the movie, I still felt for him a lot. He seems gruff and kind of a crotchety old man on the surface, but I could visibly see his passion and feelings, and as a result makes a well rounded character. Morgan Freeman and Jay Baruchel were memorable side characters that I thought gave this movie definition. What I mean by that is that this movie found what it wants to establish itself as and that's an underdog story. Maggie is an underdog because of her past and no previous boxing experience. Frankie is an underdog due to training a woman in the ring when he's only trained men. Eddie got his butt kicked and ended his career and shows how he's determined to just go on in life and forget. I think that's a really good message in a film that you'd expect to be kinda grisly in the first place. The chemistry between Maggie and Frankie is unbearably amazing. While I was watching, I couldn't believe how well these two played off each other. Their dialogue during their arguments or pre-fight scenes were reminiscent of Mickey and Rocky. I really enjoyed the aspect of how Maggie felt like Frankie was the father she never had and Maggie was the daughter that Frankie felt disconnected from. The story, as stated before, is not something to be taken lightly. This film will emotionally drain you no matter who you are. The ending to this film will bring the strongest to tears because of how gutsy it is. When you think it gets bad at one part, next thing you know it gets worse and vise versa for when things begin to look up. I feel that Million Dollar Baby is a very well written film, it wraps everything in the end together to connecting it to key events throughout the runtime. This is the kind of movie that will have you standing up and cheering and then the next have you bawling your eyes out. This film is very well acted, well written, the dialogue is well written, the characters are humane, and the overall result is one heck of a boxing film. A-

Mad M (kr) wrote: Cool sci-fi setting. Ages reasonably well. Very predictable and formulaic plot developments.

Adam S (ca) wrote: Betty Amann is beguiling as a Louise Brooks-esque thief who casts her spell on a young policeman in this Ufa classic, one of the last of the studio's mega-productions of the silent era. Walking home from a shift, policeman Gustav Froehlich ("Metropolis") notices a ruckus at a jewelry store; inside Amann has just been busted for lifting a diamond, and faithful to his job, despite being off duty, he takes her in. But the taxi ride to the station is just enough time for the girl to weave her seductive magic on the young man, and soon enough they are back at her swank apartment, clutched in a melodramatic clinch. Naturally, this leads to bad consequences, and lives are ruined on seemingly minor lies and actions. Director Joe May, a longtime veteran hardly mentioned in history books today, grasps onto the dying aesthetic of Expressionism, and the opening shots of Berlin, a bustling city of pavement, cars, and humanity, could be straight out of "The Man with the Movie Camera", but this is more of a romantic melodrama in which the participants get jerked around for letting their emotions dictate their actions, and in it's lush production, could stand along Sternberg, Stroheim, and Murnau for visual pop.

Ashley H (ag) wrote: A war movie that concentrates upon bonds formed between Marine Lieutenant, former High School chemistry teacher and 7 men of his original Platoon. A tense drama that hinges on the Battalion that has only 24 hours to find the location of the Japanese rockets that will decimate all marines who have to attack. Character development is excellent and the Lewis Milestone touch is evident in this stirring drama of Pacific war.

Keegan O (kr) wrote: It's undeniably creepy, no question about it. However, I hated the ending of this movie where everyone dies (spoiler alert!!!).

Nick M (kr) wrote: Joe Somebody really isn't a bad movie, but it's not anywhere as good as I had hoped. With Tim Allen, I was expecting a relatively funny movie with a good, feel-good story. Well, the movie got it half right. There's a good feel-good story here involving Joe, his daughter and Meg. I just hated how the movie strays away from Joe and his relationship with his daughter and shows him becoming a jerk. Also, the movie isn't really all the funny. I don't think I really laughed at all. The good thing, though, that I think the movie has for it is the acting. Tim Allen and Julie Bowen were both good as Joe and Meg.